First things first. If you’re easily offended, just steer clear. If you’re mildly offended, don’t bother. But, if you’re on the search for an enlightening and intellectually horrifying experience, read on. Brilliant. Brill-Effing-Yent! Following the grain of Bevis an Butthead, director Mike Judge pulls us through a scary adventure with satire and lack of political correctness.

Taken from Ternion by video capture of trailer

In this 2006 release, we follow the ups and downs of finding a way back home, led by an ‘Average-Joe’, played by Luke Wilson. His name? You guessed it; Joe. We see Joe and his future side-kick, played by Maya Rudolph, take part in a botched military experiment and wake up 500 years later than intended. Imagine your junior high taking over the world, just as Judge explains he did in an interview with Fast Company, when writing the idea for Idiocracy.

Hey Irony, Hold My Beer.

The irony laced through each scene is pretty fun, but with a closer look, becomes frightening. Little problematic prophecies cut through the journey of our main character in the most unprepared for times. As if the creator is telling a story that he must tell, pleading for us to hear him.

Taken from Ternion by video capture of trailer

Never have I seen a film covering so many tough topics; from conformity to the binds of man, and on to the inevitable failure when feeding all desires. It’s like Judge looked Irony in both eyes, smiled slightly, and said “Hold my beer.” The lowbrow humor adds to the absurdity. But that absurdity rings too real. Too close. My previous conceptions about the world I live in have been strangled, barely breathing. You’ll understand exactly how close when you give it a look. You’ll find the Horror, no doubt.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

I’ve seen this piece considered Comedy, Adventure, Suspense, and Sci-Fi. It’s very safe to throw Horror in the mix. But as we know, many masterful pieces are known to blend with multiple genres. If you’re ready to up your Horror game, try these out:

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