To my knowledge, there are no known medical cases linked to viewing Vic Savage’s The Creeping Terror. Nevertheless, I could imagine some debilitating effects from hyper-boredom setting in. Thankfully, this film is available with some Mystery Science Theater 3000 accompaniment, though even then you might require an intermission to gather yourself (assuming you don’t fall asleep while watching).

All that being said, The Creeping Terror somehow manages to have a certain charm, often attributable to these low-quality flicks. There is something slightly humorous about an ultra-slow creature somehow managing to devour people. Do none of these people have functioning legs? Yes, I get that it would be a weird thing to see ambling at me, but would it induce such panic that my fight-or-flight impulse would simply vanish.

Then again, one wonders if this creature sprays out some hidden chemical(s) that renders its targets too pathetic to adequately respond. This film provides no clearcut answers, though. Also, Larry Burrell narrates the living hell out of this movie, clearly violating the standard English Professor’s storytelling rule of showing and not telling.

The Creeping Terror Vaguely Has a Story

So, what kind of characters does The Creeping Terror have? Surely it has some! It does, kind of, I guess. Primarily, there’s a sheriff’s deputy named Martin Gordon (played by none other than Vic Savage), his recent wife, Brett (Shannon O’Neil), and an actual sheriff named Ben (Byrd Holland), who happens to be Martin’s dad. These characters and their quaint town end up dealing with a crashed spaceship and some creeping alien monsters — a scenario that would have even the best of us questioning their resolve, if not sanity. They also call in the military.

On that note: If you are looking for a subversive film that distrusts authority, you really won’t find it here. No one is this movie begins fearing the military men’s intentions, for better or worse. They just show up to deal with the monsters and to maybe assist in further investigation of the crash. In fact, they can’t even be dismissed as particularly incompetent, because the townspeople are apparently too stupid to appropriately flee the scene when the ultra-slow monster begins, well, creeping after them. Seriously, it’s difficult to overstate how slow the monsters are; Like molasses covered in mostly-dried sap.

Final Thoughts

If you manage to follow this movie without dozing off, I commend you. It truly is a hazard. In addition to the slow monsters, there really isn’t any intrigue here. There’s no mad scientist who needs to be taken into custody, no captivating dialogue between, let’s say, an FBI agent and a madman in a specialized prison cell. There’s really nothing to rattle or unsettle the unconscious mind unless you have a significant fear of lumbering space aliens. Basically, it’s something to put on if you’re tired and need to crash.

I suppose that, in the grand scheme of things, the entity that emerged from the craft could be considered interesting or humorous. Also, if you’re an ultra-patriotic type, maybe you’ll get a boner when seeing the military personnel nearing. However, you probably won’t care that much about Ben, Martin, and Brett, or whether the area survives this ambling onslaught. Chances are, you won’t be hiding under your bed after watching this unless maybe you’re 4 years old.

What are your thoughts on the low-key monstrosity that is The Creeping Terror? Let us know in the comments if you ever get around to it.

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