Rule 1. Everyone Must Play!

Take an innocent game of house and combine it with three unstable adults and what do you get? Braid! I enjoyed the films ability to take something so simply innocent such as a child’s game and turn it virtually into a game of cat and mouse. I commend every person involved with this film as it is truly a fun take on horror. Braid had me sitting in the edge of the seat often appalled by what the three friends had to endure in their game to win their survival in this twisted stylistic feature.

Braid is a visually stunning piece of cinematography. With the plot focusing on three young childhood friends, Tilda a fierce, beautiful red-haired woman who battles her way through by getting high, Petula, a blonde tomboy and brains of the film and Daphne, the third wheel and ‘mother’ of the dysfunctional trio really broadens the spectrum for beautiful imagery in film. Director Mitzie Peirones’ ability to create a psychedelic hallucinatory dream-like state when the use of drugs is implied is remarkable and very impressive. Braid is a fresh new take on psychological horror and shows the viewer just what’s it like when you start tripping after a drug-fuelled binge.

Rule 2. No Outsiders Allowed!

Although the film itself would not be typically considered a horror movie, the plot tells a different story. Two wanted women decide to rob their wealthy psychotic friend who lives in the fantasy world they created as children; to take the money they have to take part in a deadly perverse game of make-believe. In order to survive their perverted reunian, the three girls have to play and abide by three simple rules…or die!

At first, I assumed Braid was going to be of a different nature only finding out its existence whilst searching reddit. I imagined it completely different and am glad that I gave it a chance for I really got to see the true potential of this kaleidoscopic flick.

filled with a mixture of gore, torture and psychotic drug use, Braid truly is one film of 2019 that every horror fan needs to see. It’s disturbing in ways that contemporary horror is not. With minimal jump scares and the focus primarily being Mental Health, Braid really is horrifying when the line of reality and fantasy is crossed. The acting was very believable and the chemistry between the three main cast members was amazing, the trio of women really made the film come alive and give it its quirky multilayered personality.

Rule 3. Nobody Leaves!

Just know that if you do decide to watch Braid then be prepared to follow the rules otherwise you might displease mother and you really don’t want that now…… you?