On today’s Halloween special, the Simpson family is hosting a party with all of the children’s friends. Marge tries to entertain the guests with a scary game consisting of creepy textured food, but Homer ruins it by eating all the props. So Lisa comes up with the idea to tell scary stories, and she begins with “Clown Without Pity.”

In “Clown Without Pity,” it is Bart’s birthday and everyone is having a great time. The only downfall: Homer forgot to get his son a present (because of course he did). So he goes the House of Evil, a store that sells cursed and evil artifacts, and purchases a talking Krusty the Clown doll. Right away Krusty the Clown hates Homer and makes it his mission to kill him. If you’ve seen the Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll,” you probably think you know what is going to happen to Homer next. However, you would be absolutely wrong because it is actually much, much worse.

Next up is Grampa, who tells the story “King Homer,” which is strangely similar to King Kong. Mr. Burns, Smithers and Marge travel to an island where the gargantuan ape King Homer resides. They kidnap the primate and hold him hostage, forcing him to stand on stage while audiences see what a monstrosity he is. The only thing that can save King Homer? His inability to climb a building and a little bit of bestiality.

Last but not least is Bart and his tale of terror: “Dial “Z” for Zombies.” Bart has to give a book report and winds up in the library’s occult section. (And um, hey, why the hell don’t any of the public libraries in my town have an occult section?) Anyway, Bart finds a book on black magic and tries to resurrect Lisa’s deceased cat Snowball I. Unfortunately, he instead brings all the Springfield corpses to life and has to find a way to stop the zombies from destroying the town.

Bart clearly deserves to win the best costume contest.

There are so many great pop culture references in this episode, including Pet Sematary, Night of the Living Dead, Chucky and Bart’s fantastic costume (see above). “Treehouse of Horror IV” is also quite different from the rest of the show’s episodes, as “King Homer” is entirely in black and white. The Simpsons is really starting to get their grove on with these Halloween specials, and tomorrow’s episode will be a treat.

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