Sometimes you say you’re going to write an article a day for a month. Then life happens, a week passes and you haven’t written much of anything. (And by “you” I mean me.) But now it’s October 25, Halloween is six days away and it’s time for another installment of the Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror Special.”

Last time, I mentioned the 2020 Simpsons Halloween Special was going to be released on October 18. However, that date has been delated until November due to scheduling changes. Luckily we have more than enough episodes to cover for the last week of this crazy month. So let’s dive into an episode filled with demons, Stanley Kubrick and incarnations.

“School is Hell”

While spending time alone in detention, Bart finds a desk with an ancient inscription on it. He gets Lisa to translate the writing, which opens up a portal and drags them to hell. Terrified at first, the kids end up doing rather well in hell; in demon school, Lisa finds a group of friends and Bart actually likes his classes. This story was a lot of fun, especially with all the religious satire and various demon depictions. It reminded me of the Disenchantment episode “Stairway to Hell” (but that could have something to do with Matt Groening’s work on the series).

“A Clockwork Yellow”

After years of referencing the infamous book and movie, “Treehouse of Horror” finally parodied a Clockwork Orange. In this tale, we follow the life of Moe and his delinquent gang. They commit a myriad of crimes, not quite as brutal as “the droogs” but still enough to cause harm. All is well until Homer falls in love with Marge. He leaves the life of crime, causing the whole gang to break up. Years later, Moe experiences a home invasion attack much like the one his gang used to commit. This inspires him to put on his old garb and get the gang back together for one last night of camaraderie, crime and endless Kubrick references.

“The Others”

Inspired by the gothic movie the Others, the Simpsons realize their house is haunted by spirits of their incarnated selves. Homer, being the man that he is, falls in love with Ghost Marge, causing the original Marge to get upset and kill herself by way of Sylvia Plath. There is not much of a plot to this story, it is really just a jumbled series of chaotic events. But since this is the Simpsons, I will try not to take it too seriously. I also always enjoy the “Treehouse of Horror” stories that feature the entire Simpsons family, especially with how entertaining their group dynamic is (though Homer really needs to leave Bart’s neck alone).

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