The final episode of Hulu’s Monsterland ended the series on, if not a happy note than at least an optimistic one. 

This final dark tale centers around Amy and Brian Cooke, who are coping with the disappearance of their daughter. Well, not coping would be a better way to phrase it. Amy’s trying to grieve, to move past this painful chapter in their lives. Brian can’t let go, won’t let go. He buys Christmas gifts for their lost little girl and searches for clues that might help the police find her.

A big theme of this episode is guilt. Brian feels guilty because their daughter vanished while under his care. Amy feels guilty because she wants to move on. 

While they’re struggling, they are given two gifts by the universe.

One is a chance encounter with Toni, the mother from the first episode. She has a few drinks with Brian, and she tells him her story. She tells him that she left her daughter behind at a rest stop and never looked back. She tells him she doesn’t want to go back and get her. And that she knows she’s a monster. 

The other gift given to this couple is an angel.

At least, that’s what they’re being called. Honestly, they look more like the aliens from Signs.

These angels fell to Earth, no one knows why. But, in true human fashion, someone figured out that if you cut them up and ingest them, they make you high. In that high, you see things as they really are.

For Toni, who has real darkness in her, this is a nightmare. For Amy and Brian, two good parents trying to live through the worst thing that can possibly happen to a person, the impact is quite different. 

Without spoiling too much, this story has a positive message. I think the whole series did. It tells us that there are monsters in this world. And that’s for sure. There are desperate people. Scared, lonely people. People who allow this world to turn them into the very monsters who hurt them. 

There are good people as well, though. People who face the worst, and rise from it. People who are not monsters. There might not be as many, but they’re there. And sometimes they get what they deserve, in the best possible way. 

What do you think? Did you think the ending was as optimistic as I did? Let us know in the comments.