it’s come to my attention that I have been completely ignorant to the twistedly terrifying inventory of horror TV shows that is currently streaming on Netflix, Thirteen Terrors being one of them! Originally airing in Thailand between 2014 -15 it’s about time that a horror junkie such as myself sinks my teeth into in my opinion, a very underrated tv series of the horror genre.

13: Unlucky For Some

Thirteen Terrors is an omnibus of supernatural Thai terrors mainly focused on school life. However, don’t let this put you off because each story is an individual tale of harrowing scares and deserves to be given a chance. Although there are a few episodes that lack the scares the atmosphere is always tensing throughout each episode leaving me feeling thoroughly creeped out and slightly paranoid.

International horror has always been my favorite when it comes to originality as I struggle to adapt to horror movies/shows of our modern times. Where mainstream horror relies heavily on jump scares there is never any real creativity or thought that goes into the process of making some really frightening without the constant need to ram a scary face at us every two minutes. With Thirteen Terrors it ticked all the boxes in order to make something scary to me.

Nightmare Fuel

Solid storylines, great acting, believability on point Thirteen Terrors really deserves Kudos for taking something small and elaborating until it becomes a monster of horror. Each episode knows hows to feed off the viewers fear. There was one episode in particular that freaked me out the most (episode 9.) every episode is written and directed by a different writer and director which keeps each episode fresh and interesting.

Even though there is a great catalog of horror available to us horror heads such as VOD, Netflix and other streaming services I always encourage horror fans to dig deeper and go beyond the mainstream and uncover hidden gems that are hidden around the world. that is where I find the best of the horror world!

all in all, I highly recommend ThirTEEN Terrors to every horror fan across the globe! it’s not disappointing.