Putting 2019’s ‘I See You’ into a certain category or genre is impossible. I can call it Suspense, Horror, Drama, Psychological Thriller, PLUS! One thing I know for sure is that this film is a masterful, beautiful ode to not only filmmaking and storytelling, but to art in general. How refreshing!

What’s it about?

Starring Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, and the up and coming Judah Lewis, we get talent mixed with a seamless execution of a clear vision. We follow a ‘picture perfect’ (mhmm…) middle class family in turmoil, relationships in crisis, as a ‘boy killer’ in town slowly adds to their kill tally.

I can’t tell you more than this. I really can’t. 😉

What’s so great about it?

The amount of mind-fuckery that happens in the 99 minute runtime is phenomenal, something to be admired. At multiple points throughout the film I turned to my five year old and said “Oh, I hope it’s not ‘blank’ kind of movie! That would be really disappointing.” Just to have my mind blown. Over and over.

‘I See You’ takes quite a few Horror tropes and knocks them on their ass. And it’s unexpected, which is just…perfect! The pacing is on point, never a dull moment. The camera work is stunning, we are a fly on the wall watching something we maybe shouldn’t feel comfortable watching.

The acting blends well with the creepy atmosphere.Oh, I think I’m in love. I mean, the sound cues and effects are brilliant. One of a kind, this one. I feel honored to have watched this.

THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE WATCHED WITH COMPANY! Don’t do yourself a disservice of watching this alone. (Calling all couples…make this your next ‘Date Night’) This is an experience that SHOULD be shared. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it more and have an unatural urge to want to share it with others in your life. If that’s not possible…have someone on speed-dial you can contact right after you watch it.

As far as ‘HORROR’ goes, there are some very horrifying elements showcased here, but the blood is pretty minimal, there’s a pretty good sense of dread, but your mind will be busy enough with trying to figure out the impossible. There is enough happening that even the most picky of movie watchers will gain from the experience this film offers. Dude, just go watch it.

My rating?

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

If I had to nitpick, I would call out only very miniscule details that could’ve been adjusted, but I’m not going to do that. This film deserves attention. Us viewers are kept in mind the entire film. We go on a journey with an unreliable narrator and try to figure out where we are headed. How fun is this?!

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Have you seen ‘I See You’ yet? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below.