Fright Night is a horror classic and one of the very first horror movies that I watched as a young fan of the genre. Fright Night is one of my favorite 80s movies of all time. As a horror lover, I  always say that I prefer watching 80s horror movies. Yes, they’re campy but hello news flash, that’s what I’m all about! I love the cheesiness of the ’80s, the over the top special effects, the tomato sauce looking blood, I love ALL of it! 

Fright Night was released in 1985 and directed by Tom Holland. The film features appearances from Chris Sarandon (The Princes Bride) who played the charming Vampire neighbor Jerry Dandridge, Amanda Bearse as Charlie Brewater’s girlfriend Amy, William Ragsdale as Charlie Brewster and Stephen Geoffreys who played the ever eccentric rebel Evil Ed. But the main man who we all tune in for in my opinion is the quirky Peter Vincent played by the late great Roddy Mcdowell. Vincent features as a late-night horror host who hosts the after-dark show called ‘Fright Night’, however, the kooky scaredy cat has a secret He’s also a real-life vampire hunter. With the help of his young friend Charlie Brewster the pair sink their teeth into Charlie’s strange next-door neighbor Jerry Dandrige, opening up a whole can of worms. From then on the film just amps up the fun factor.

“You’re so cool Brewster…”

With Charlie’s friend, Evil Ed being turned into a vampire and Amy becomes the attention of the raven-haired charmer, it falls to Brewster and Vincent to save the day. Well… their own way.

As an 80s horror flick Fright Night has aged rather well compared to other titles of its time. Yes, it’s still campy but in all honesty, I think its preserved itself rather well over time. The acting was good and the plot was strong, overall I just love it! I enjoyed the remake but the OG reigns supreme in my eyes. As Sidney Prescot declared in Scream 4 “Don’t fuck with the original.”

Welcome To Fright Night!

With special effects by Richard Edlund who also did the effects for Ghostbusters, it was fun to see how he kept the vampire transformations classy but still contain a touch of cheesiness. I also thought the decompositions and deaths of the vampires were executed well. 

Overall I highly recommend Fright Night. It’s fun to watch, it’s sexy and it has bite! And who doesn’t want to hear the legendary Peter Vincent Say “Welcome to Fright Night.”