Back in 1978, the infamous universal question was posed in Jonh Carpenters’ classic slasher Halloween. “What’s the boogeyman?” Laurie Strode weepily questioned Dr. Loomis, well after four decades of constant running hiding and massacres we might just be getting closer to the truth.

Michael Myres returns in the next chapter of Carpenters’ legacy on October 16th, 2020 and it looks to be killer indeed. not only does the trailer reveal that Tommy Doyle will be returning but also little Lindsey Wallace, two key characters in the original movie. I don’t know about you but this makes me super excited! I can’t wait to see what role the grown-up tiny tots will play in Halloween Kills. Will they aid Laurie Strode in her showdown against the boogyman? or do they have unresolved revenge with Michael Himself?

Will Laurie Trick The Halloween King?

Jaime Lee Curtis seems just as badass as ever and ready to take down Myres once and for all. for over four decades the masked maniac has haunted her every step and now as the second film in the newest trilogy is about to be released we will finally see how pissed off grandma Laurie Strode has become. will truths finally be answered? will we finally know what the hell is going on with Michael Myres?

The kills look to be deliciously vicious and Michael is more pissed off than ever! the question arises though who will live and who will die? will Curtis finally bite the bullet? or will she wait it out until the Halloween Ends (2021)

So if you’re gearing for a Halloween fest this year then I strongly suggest you put Halloween Kills on your list of films to see. Halloween is a classic amongst the horror genre and personally one of my favs. So grab some candy and spice your pumpkin lattes because fiends, Michael Myres is coming to town!