Happy Women In Horror Month Fiends. We’re already six days into the honorary celebration for ghouls of horror around the globe and I have to say that I’m super excited! Women In Horror Month is something I look forward to every year since I am a woman who lives and breathes horror, spends her days fantasizing about horror while whispering sweet nothings to Freddy Kruger’s burn hole for an ear all while Michael Myres plays with my hair. Yeah, you could say I’m disturbed, I’d quite happily take it as a compliment. No skin off my nose unless of course, I ask you nicely to flay me! Ha

Ladies In Red!

So as the month of February is dedicated to every Demonic daemonettes out there in the vast world I, of course, have to pick my women of horror. So who did I choose for today? Well, I have not one but two malicious masochists, two sexy sadists of underground horror, the terror twins the Soska Sisters!

It wouldn’t be WIHM unless the twisted twins made an appearance. Jen and Sylvia Soska have not only earned a fantastic reputation amongst the horror community but have earned staggering amounts of praise for taking the horror genre by the balls, giving them a good ol hard squeeze before ripping them off completely. Together they have created controversial horror flicks such as 2012s American Mary, See No Evil 2, ABCs Of Death 2 and most recently taking on the task of remaking David Cronenberg’s Rabid. (which was awesome by the way)

The twins have such a powerful and creative mindset between the two of them. I’m a huge fan of their work and can’t wait to see what Jen and Sylvia Soska have in store for us with future projects. The she-devils are very important when it comes to WIHM, their passion, drive, and commitment to the horror genre is impeccable and truly an inspiration. I speak from first-hand experience as when I first started growing into my devil panties I looked up to and still do now to the sisters with no mercy. 

Looks To Kill!

With their morbidly dark sense of humour and a sharp eye to terrify the masses we surely can expect a hell of a lot more blood and gore from these two. WIHM is about recognition for women in horror specifically, from all walks of life and so it’s important and pivotal to the genre that we as horror fans and creatives honor those who work hard to disturb us, repulse us and most importantly scare us shitless 365 days of the year.

Happy Women In Horror Month!