With quarantine still enforced around the globe it is a good thing that we horror lovers have the likes of movies to keep us sane. 2020 has already turned out to be a shit show of a year but within the coming months we could soon see the horror genre liberating all fiends from mass insanity. Bold assumption? I know. But I’m confident that there are going to be some Horror movies out there that will redeem this hellish nightmare of a year thus far. Hence my gruesome ghouls why I’m talking about the new trailer for a comedy Horror anthology, Scare Package, a Shudder original that’s awaiting its release on June 18th brought to you by Paper Street Pictures. 

Seriously Scary or Terribly Tacky?

Scare Package looks to be a bloody fun-loving massacre of a movie offering up a range of comedic terror from seven different directors. With the trailer already revealing it’s focus on infamous horror tropes I am obviously vibrating with anticipation to sink my teeth into this beast. Horror anthologies are my favorite type of movie so when I discovered another was being added to the catalog history of horror I was ecstatic. 

Set to be packed with lots of blood, guts, and gore, Scare Package could be the present we’ve all been waiting for. If you’re a gore whore like myself then I’m certain that this bloodthirsty compilation will sate your desire for the macabre. With reviews already voicing its praise for the upcoming morbid spectacle we can only hope to see good things come from a time of a worldwide pandemic. 

Hot Or Not?

Also, who doesn’t love a love letter to 80s-esque horror artwork? 

Will you my fiends be lurking in the darkness of your living rooms eyeballing this strange phenomenon? I know I will be! mwahaha!

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