For this reveiw, I thought we would take a trip down memory lane and review 2001’s Alejandro Amenabar classic psychological horror The Others. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccelson, Eric Sykes and many more!

Without a doubt, The Others is one of my favorite horror films to date. It holds a special place in my horror hungry heart as I was a 10-year-old little girl when I first witnessed the true horror that was The Others. I saw it in the cinema with my Mother and My nan at the time and therefore set the path to walk down horror lane.

“Cowedy Cowedy Custard”

I loved everything about this film. From Nicole Kidman’s amazing performance as Grace, an overprotective, paranoid mother waiting out the end of the second world war in a secluded mansion while awaiting the return of her solder husband Charles. The film itself works incredibly well as a horror movie combining the effects of realistic and believable situations resulting in taking psychological horror films to a new height. I will always commend the actors who took part in the movie especially the then young children Alikina Mann who played stubborn problem child Anne and the young and adorable innocent Nicholas played by James Bently. The emotions projected by the young actors are truly incredible and in my opinion two of the best child actors in horror.

Of course, Kidman herself is amazing and is my favorite role that she has played. The use of how she utilized her characters madness, pain and loneliness convinced the viewer to never doubt her inner torment. Eric Sykes who played the ever obedient gardener Mr. Tuttle did a fantastic job of being inconspicuous. Fionnula Flanagan who played the head the authoritative head servent Mrs.Mills gave a groundbreaking performance with her almost motherly and comforting manner. Then we have Elaine Cassidy who played the anxiety-riddled mute Lydia who lived to serve Grace.

Hauntingly Beautiful

The cinematography was spot on and the chosen locations beautiful. As the whole film focuses being trapped inside the mansion due to a constant sea of thick fog surrounding the grounds the story that unfolds inside the old walls is truly creative. But overall its the ending that truly made the film for me and answers a lot of questions as to which I had previously been asking myself throughout the movie.

In conclusion, I highly recommend The Others. If you have seen it then let me know what your thoughts are on it, if you haven’t yet watched it then I suggest you start. A truly mesmerizing tale of war, ghosts, and madness with an awesome twist. The Others, in my opinion, is a masterpiece in cinema for the 21st century.