Eloise is a 2017 supernatural/thriller streaming on Amazon Prime and features appearances from Eliza Dushku (Wrong Turn), Chace Crawford and more. The film is based on a true life psychiatric hospital situated in Westland Michigan USA.

Movies that are based on true life events can be touch and go as we all know with facts being overly dramatized, twisted and turned into something that is entirely untrue however this doesn’t stop my horror loving heart from sinking my teeth into ‘based on a true story’ indie flick. Abandoned asylums emit a strange and unnatural; atmosphere and are often a cliched trope used throughout modern horror movies yet I still can’t help but fall into the rabbit hole of devouring real-life horror movies.

Ghosts In The Mind

‘Four friends break into an abandoned insane asylum in search of a death certificate which will grant one of them a large inheritance. However, finding it soon becomes the least of their worries in a place haunted by dark memories.’

Eloise is a slow film. There is not much action that occurs in the first forty minutes, a lot of plot building, lots of unnecessary dialogue fillers. Saying that the cinematography is good, production quality enjoyable and the acting pleasing yet still Eloise lacked a certain quality. The characters felt a little one dimensional and I had a hard time connecting with any of them but as the film progressed I did begin to enjoy it.

Slow Burn Took A Wrong Turn

Eloise is a movie that has so much potential to be a great horror film but just lacked every ingredient that makes a truly ‘scary’ horror film. The setting was already there to work with, the history of Eloise disturbing enough yet still Writer Christopher Borelli and Director Robert Degato failed to capture terror. This does not mean that the film does not have its creepy moments for there are one or two moments that made me deeply uncomfortable which satisfied me in all honesty. Eloise is a psychological horror film and does its job to an extent there is just so much room for improvement. I will say however that I did enjoy the plotline. I thoroughly enjoyed Eliza Dushku’s acting and was refreshing to see her in another horror film.

Unfortunately, Eloise did not hit the mark for me as a horror fan and left me feeling rather deflated at the end. If you are a lover of slow-burn horror/thriller then you may enjoy this but for a horror fan who expects a little more than a slow burn then look away because you will only be disappointed.