Bill’s Potential Death

We ended last episode convinced that Bill burned to death with the three rowdy vampires that entered the bar the night before. Sookie grieves, taking flowers to Bill’s real gravestone after nightfall. She has mourned all day long, snapping at Tara when she visited to give Sookie the good news of her mother’s demon being gone. As Sookie walks back through the cemetery at night, Bill emerges from the ground – alive and safe. He got her warning voicemails and stayed the day in the cemetery as a precaution.

The Effects of V

Jason and Amy, the woman who he used V with the night before, wake up in daylight. Jason is convinced they had the best sex of his life, but Amy shows him her underwear are still on. It was the effects of the V.

What is up with Sam??

Andy and Terry both ask Sam about seeing him running naked out in the woods. Sam convinces Terry he was seeing things and spins a story for Andy about his parents being nudists in a small area of Texas. Andy calls the only nudist colony in that area that Sam specifically mentioned. The colony keeps detailed records, and Sam’s family isn’t among them.


At the bar, the waitresses are short-handed; Amy steps in. She gains herself employment as the newest server at Merlotte’s. Arlene apologizes to Sookie for her mean behavior recently, and Sookie agrees to watch her kids so that she and Rene can go on a date. After work, Arlene and Rene drop the kids off to find Bill there as well. Rene tells Arlene to let it go as Bill raised kids of his own, and she does – for the moment. Rene proposes to Arlene on their way to pick the kids back up and share the news with Bill and Sookie when they get back.

The Dangers Involved

Jason and Amy get another hankering for V, but they are completely out. They follow Lafayette to his supplier and after Lafayette leaves, Amy ties up the vampire as Jason is struck speechless by their actions.

Sookie is called upon by Eric, as he asks her to listen to the humans’ minds that work for them. $60,000 has gone missing from the bar’s revenue and Eric needs Sookie to find out who took it. As Sookie questions the last human in the lineup, she forgets everything. Her mind goes completely blank, as she’s been glamoured. The bartender who owns the bar with Pam and Eric jumps over the counter just as they realize he is the culprit.

The Verdict

This episode gave us a show out from everyone. We’ve got developing relationships between Jason and Amy as well as Sookie, Bill, and Eric that are super compelling. And what the heck is up with Sam? As more characters enter the show, it can easily become muddy and hard to follow everyone. That isn’t happening here and I continue to look forward to devouring the next episode.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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