Sookie and Bill

This episode begins with Sookie and Bill driving back to her home after their encounter with the anti-vampire police officer. Sookie tells Bill she is done seeing him and he agrees not to call on her anymore. The dog that stays running around town watches on as this happens.

Jason and Lafayette

Tara storms into Lafayette’s house, throwing his things and screaming about how stupid it was for him to give V to Jason. This tantrum, nor Jason’s drainage procedure from last episode, stop Lafayette and Jason from doing V together again. Lafayette preaches its ability to make Jason see everything more deeply and experience every sense more clearly. Jason does V throughout the whole episode, and it makes him extra strong and concentrated, but the viewer can obviously see how addicted he already is to the drug.

This episode also features one of my favorites scenes in the entire series. Three rednecks at the bar send back a burger, telling Arlene, their server, that it might have AIDS. Lafayette roughs the disrespectful men up and embarrasses them out of the bar.

Sookie and Sam

Sam overhears Sookie talking at the bar about how she won’t be seeing Bill anymore. Sam takes his chance and asks Sookie to the meeting of history buffs at the church. She accepts. After the meeting, the pair go to coffee and have dessert. As Sam kisses Sookie against his car, he expresses how disturbed he is by her former relationship with Bill. Sookie becomes angry – as it’s none of his business – and gets a cab home.


At the church history meeting, Bill speaks to a large crowd from the town about his family history and experiences in the Civil War. Bill tells about how he served in the infantry in 1862. A man in the audience asks Bill if he knew his great-grandfather, Tolliver Humphries. Bill recounts a war story where Tolliver sacrificed himself with dignity, making the man who asked the question emotional.

The mayor gives Bill a photo he found in the archives, asking if it is him, as it has his name inscribed on it. The photo is Bill with his family – his wife and children. Bill gets emotional and wipes a bloody tear from his eyes before anyone can see.

Later that night, the police show up to Bill’s home and question him about the murders of Maudette and Dawn. Bill lets the police know that if a vampire had killed the women, all of their blood would have been gone, not wasted on the floor in pools.

We also get to see a flashback from Bill about how he became a vampire. As a soldier, Bill searched through the woods and found a cabin. He was starving and desperate for food and water. He entered a home where a woman fed him, and offered herself to him sexually. Bill declined and the woman did not kill him as she did the horny men that came before him. Instead, she decides to turn him into a vampire and shows him that he can never return to his family.

The Ending

Sookie returns home after an eventful night and slips in blood. Gran is lying dead on the kitchen floor from multiple stab wounds.

The Verdict

This episode shows us a completely new side of Bill. The episode thrives in this way. Bill’s backstory is slowly revealed and we feel super bad for him, as he didn’t choose to become a vampire. His life was cut short by a woman who made the decision for him. Bill is a complex character, and grows so with every episode.

Gran’s short lived screen time was upsetting. Such a great woman, murdered by whoever is doing these heinous acts. When I first watched this episode, I literally gasped. RIP Gran.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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