Sookie and Bill

As the episode picks up with Sookie being brutally beaten by the Rattrays, Bill steps in to her rescue. Bill murders the pair and frames their deaths as a tornado landing later in the show. Bill crushes their trailer and knocks trees over in their yard. The bodies are found crushed beneath their home. The police seem to suspect that a vampire could be behind all of it, and imply this to Sookie when questioning her about her run-ins with the Rattrays.

Sookie, after the beating she’d taken, is nearly dead. Bill rips open his wrist and has Sookie drink from him. Sookie’s only question is “I won’t become a vampire, will I?” We can see what she is really concerned with here. In the face of death, she values her humanity.

Sookie heals from Bill’s blood and begins to have superhuman senses. She can smell a cracker under a chair as rotting food. She wonders why no one else can smell it. Doctors do not know that vampire blood can heal humans and increase their senses. Bill says he’d like to keep it that way and Sookie nods. After Sookie is healed, Sookie and Bill walk back to her car where Sookie asks Bill to speak to her grandmother and her history group about the Civil War, to which he agrees.


The police force Jason to watch the video of his escapades with Maudette. Jason breaks down as he watches himself strangle Maudette on the tape. The tape keeps playing to reveal Maudette laughing, calling Jason a moron, and cutting off the camera. Jason didn’t do it. Jason is ecstatic to learn this and tells the police they should look into the vampire on the other sex tape as a suspect. The police tell Jason they did not find another tape as the scene of the crime.

After Jason learns he did not kill Maudette, he pays a visit to another female companion, Dawn. Dawn works at the bar with Sookie and is a known ex-girlfriend of Jason’s. Jason seeks refuge in her arms and the pair aggressively have sex. Nevermind that Jason almost killed someone doing so…

The next morning the pair wake up and Jason notices bite marks on Dawn’s neck and is infuriated that she would sleep with a vampire.


In this episode, the viewer sees Tara return home to her mother. Tara’s mother is drunk and fights her, hitting her on the forehead with a liquor bottle. Tara leaves and goes to a party with Lafayette.

Sookie, Bill, Tara, Jason, and Sookie’s Grandmother

Bill comes to the Stackhouse home and answers Sookie’s grandmother’s questions about the Civil War and the Stackhouse and Compton ancestors. Afterwards, Bill asks Sookie’s grandmother if he and Sookie can go on a walk. Jason tries to forbid them, but Gran insists that if it is okay with Sookie, it is okay with her and it’s her house. Gran is a seriously badass character. She does things her way and is accepting of how others do theirs.

As Sookie and Bill walk, we learn of how vampires can glamour humans, making them do anything they want for them to later forget such events. Sookie quizzes Bill on his powers: he cannot levitate, turn invisible, or turn into a bat. The scene gets heated and the two begin to make out. Bill’s fangs come out and they decide it best to walk home.

The End

Jason is tied up in Dawn’s bed as she gets ready for work. She reveals that she plans to leave him this way all day until she returns from her shift. Dawn leaves and Jason yanks at the fabric tying him to the headboard.

Sookie watches the news where an Anti-Vampire Reverend and his family, including his wife and baby, have been killed in a car accident. She knows how vampires can manipulate a scene to show what they want it to, evident in the way Bill planted the tornado cause of death for the Rattrays. Sookie drives to Bill’s house where an unknown car sits in the driveway. Three vampires – one is the tattooed vampire from Maudette’s sex tape – with their fangs out answer the door.

The Verdict

This episode is the first in which we truly get the see the nature of Bill’s powers as well as Tara’s mother’s alcoholism. These two pieces of information create a more dynamic character sketch of both of these characters. Bill becomes more complex as we learn he can do awful things, but doesn’t usually. He is capable of much more, but is trying to live a more downplayed existence. With Tara, her mother’s alcoholism explains why she has such a hard exterior shell. That, and the fact that she’s in love with Jason and doesn’t have the guts to say so.

While we are all glad Jason didn’t kill Maudette, Jason as a character is so one dimensional. He likes sex and dislikes vampires. We get it. Where is the substance? Sookie, Tara, and Bill are complex characters that get more complex as the show continues. This episode was compelling and revealed important worldly information.

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4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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