Who is the dead body??

This season opens with the dead body in the backseat of Andy’s car. We find out that the body belongs to Miss Jeanette, sans her heart. Whew! I’m not happy that Miss Jeanette is dead, but I am sure am glad it’s not Lafayette. Those sneaky red herrings they placed last episode!

Sookie listens to Tara’s thoughts at the crime scene and asks her where she knows Miss Jeanette from. Tara spills that she is the woman who gave her and her mother the exorcisms. Sookie and Sam convince Tara she must tell the police. Tara is interrogated at the police station and her mother shows up upon hearing of the news. Tara tells her mother the truth – that the exorcism was a con job. Lettie Mae refuses to believe her, and mourns the loss of Miss Jeanette.

Maryann picks Tara up from the police station, letting Lettie Mae have it before they drive away.

Where is Lafayette?

We do learn of where Lafayette has been since his disappearance. We cut to Lafayette being held in a medieval looking basement, where people are chained to the ceiling, using a bucket as a toilet. One of the rednecks that hassled Lafayette about his “AIDS burger” is one of the other people restrained with Lafayette.

Neither know where they are or why they are there, but when Eric enters the basement to take away one of the other humans held captive, we know why. Lafayette says there are sometimes screams from above when people are taken out. This paired with our knowledge of Lafayette’s V business and the redneck’s firebombing of the vampires a few episodes ago, Eric is running a crimes against vampires jury and executioner business here.

Jessica’s Back!

Now that Jessica has been returned to Bill’s care, he must find a way to navigate what this means for him and Sookie. Sookie visits and Jessica interrupts on the balcony, only wearing a towel. This is Sookie’s first knowledge of Jessica, and of course a fight breaks out. Yes, Sookie overreacts a lot. But this is the time I feel she is justified in doing so. Come on Bill. You need to tell your girlfriend you made a vampire and have to take care of her. Sookie is upset not about his creation of Jessica or her presence in the home, but that Bill did not trust her enough to tell her about Jessica. Understandable Sook. For once.

Bill helps Jessica find a Tru Blood combination that she doesn’t completely hate in an attempt to assimilate her to his lifestyle. Bill also admits to Sookie that he killed her uncle when she comes back later. Trust regained it seems when this ends in making love.

Jason’s Religious / Bigoted Journey

Jason is introduced to Reverend Newlin in this episode, the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun. Jason is invited to a leadership conference, but it’s going to cost him $1,200. This is solved when later in the episode, Sookie is given the sole inheritance from her uncle Bartlett. Uncle Bartlett left his entire estate to Sookie, because of his guilt we can only assume. Sookie wants nothing to do with the check cut to her and gives it all to Jason.

Sam and Maryann’s History

We learn in this episode that when Sam was a young man, he broke into Maryann’s home, attempting to steal food to live after his parents abandoned him. He had sex with Maryann and while she was in the shower, he stole LOADS of money. Why does Maryann have a dresser drawer stacked with hundreds? I sure do hope we find out.

Sam tries to give Maryann a trash bag full of money to repay his debt. She tells him the money isn’t what she wants.

Sam also hires a new waitress, Daphne.


When Tara and Eggs, the other refugee Maryann houses, almost kiss out by the pool, they are interrupted by Maryann’s assistant. Maryann scolds him for interrupting their kiss, so it seems she has some dastardly plan for Tara and Eggs. Is Eggs in on it? We shall find out.

The Ending

As Lafayette looks on, the redneck from the bar is grabbed by Eric. Eric tells him he will be interrogated for crimes against their kind. When the redneck resists, Eric kills him in front of Lafayette. Let’s hope Lafayette can talk his way out of this one.

This episode was a great continuation of last season. Where the first season’s finale left us with so many unanswered questions, this episode began clarifying some of them. Let’s hope this season can stay as energizing as the last!

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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