Tara and the Bailout

Tara, after driving drunk and seeing a disheveled woman and a huge boar, crashes her car. She is arrested and taken to jail. Her mother shows up to bail her out, thinks Tara. However, her mother says she is leaving Tara in jail and that maybe Tara should have done the same to her every time she came and bailed her out. Tara is understandably upset, as she did everything as her mother abused her only to have the tables turned on her.

A mysterious woman, Maryann, shows up and bails Tara out. Maryann brings Tara back to her home.

Amy’s Demise

The episode opens with Amy having staked Eddie. I guess she realized Jason was getting to close to Eddie, or she’d just used him all up. Cleaning up Eddie’s carcass pushes Jason to the edge. He smashes all the V in their refrigerator and tells Amy that she better get clean or get out. Jason asks Hoyt and Rene to go drinking with him after work so that he doesn’t have to go home. He tells them that Amy does V. The two men already have plans, so Jason goes home to find Amy has cooked him an elaborate dinner.

The two make up and take one last drop of V together as a farewell to the drug. As the pair are high and dozing in bed, the murderer strangles Amy. Jason wakes up, calls 911, and turns himself in. Jason doesn’t remember killing the women, but figures he had to have since they keep dying around him. At this point, we can only assume that Hoyt or Rene are the Bon Temps murderer since they are the only two to know about Amy’s vampire loving ways. Knowing Hoyt’s character, we definitely become suspicious of Rene. His wife hates vampires too.

Sookie’s Investigation

Sookie and Sam go to a nearby town and a pie diner when Sookie remembers the waitress’ name tag in her vision from the killer’s mind. They learn that the victim was Cynthia and that her brother disappeared when she died. The police chief in this neighboring town faxes a photo of the brother to the Bon Temps sheriff after some persuasion from Sookie’s incriminating mind reading powers. The photo prints at the end of the episode. Cynthia’s brother, Drew Marshall, is Rene. He sure did do a good job hiding in plain sight.

A Baby Vampire

Bill turns Jessica and has to deal with her annoying, teenaged attitude. She will not listen to him about the rules of being a vampire and Bill is worried about getting back to Sookie. Bill brings Jessica to Eric and begs for this one favor. Eric babysits Jessica and Bill barges into Sookie’s house to see Sookie and Sam making out. Sam and Bill fight, even when Sookie tells them to stop, so she rescinds Bill’s invitation into her home. Sookie is extremely angry that Bill left without letting her know when he’d be back, even though he was at trial for saving her life, but whatever.

The Verdict

This episode introduced a few new characters that we hope to see develop. We have Jessica as a growing vampire and the mysterious Maryann who looks suspiciously like the pig lady who made Tara crash her car. We know that Rene is the Bon Temps killer and can now scream at the screen for Sookie to get away.

Amy is dead, so Jason isn’t put in harm’s way anymore – except for how he’s locked up now because he thinks he killed them all. This episode was a blur of many things and it feels that the show is rushing towards a conclusion in the next final episode. I think this episode is a bit too rushed, but maybe necessary to get everything out there.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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