This episode of everyone’s favorite vampire show didn’t have too much of the aforementioned vampires. It made this episode quite lackluster.

The Connection

Most of the episode revolves around Maryann’s identity and Daphne’s connection to her. Sam and Daphne have become extremely intertwined, having sex everywhere they go and going for runs in their animal forms. Daphne turns into a pig and not a deer, and Andy happens to see them and runs after them. This strikes Sam and makes him suspicious of Daphne, but not enough to get away. Daphne brings him to Maryann’s orgy, where Sam is captured and it looks like they are planning to sacrifice him.

Tara and Eggs go on a drive to get a hot water heater pump two hours away and stop at an undisclosed location just because Eggs feels it is drawing him to it. After walking forty-five minutes into the woods, the pair stumble upon a past scene of Maryann’s doing. Clothes everywhere, a rock with blood on it, and Eggs has a feeling he’s been here before. We know that he doesn’t remember it because when Maryann uses her powers, the humans’ eyes turn black and they are not in possession of their own actions.

I always suspected that Daphne worked for Maryann and got the slash on her back as a punishment for something. I’m not surprised to find out I’m probably right, but I’m so bored by this storyline. Tell me what Maryann is and what she wants. Spit it out.

The Infiltration

Sookie and Isabel’s human Hugo, go into the Fellowship of the Sun to infiltrate and find information on Godric. We quickly learn that yet again, the rat has blabbed because Steve knows that Sookie is a telepath and not a true believer and speaks about her in his mind. Sookie does hear that they have a 2000 year old vampire in the basement that they plan to burn, but this information is no use to them because they cannot leave the church to share it. Sookie and Hugo are locked up and become the church’s prisoners.

I am beginning to fear that Isabel is the rat and perhaps no longer wants her human and needs an easy way to get rid of him. There are only a few vampires who know of Sookie’s operation, and the mole has to be one of them.

New Revelations

Not far from where his sister is locked up and with no idea, Jason and Luke build a platform for Godric’s meeting of the sun. Afterwards, Sarah is crying in the church about how Steve isn’t the man she thought he was and when Jason tries to comfort her, they have sex. Sarah does reveal that Steve is using the Light of Day Fellowship men to start a war.

The only bit of vampires we get in this episode are Bill and Lorena. The episode reveals that Eric invited Lorena, as he is in the way of Sookie. We aren’t sure what this means. I don’t believe that Eric means harm to Bill. It seems that he would just like to be able to speak and be with Sookie without Bill’s hovering presence.

We do get to see a flashback of Lorena and Bill in the 1920s, where they attack and murder a couple. This is a new insight into Bill’s history, as the flashback was a very different way of living than he does in modern day.

Lafayette has a bout of PTSD when Andy yells at him about the murder of Miss Jeanette. Terry, the other person in town who understands, comforts him. This is a sweet learning moment that I enjoyed. Pam surprises Lafayette at the bar and forces him to get back into selling V.

This episode had me saying get to the point about a lot of these storylines, as it feels they are seriously dragging. I hope it picks up from here.

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