In this episode we deal with the aftermath of the many deaths of the previous one.

Nan brings a crew into Fangtasia to interview Eric about the Magister’s death. She is angry that the Vampire Rights Amendment is close to a vote and that she must clean up this mess. Nan is suspicious of Eric’s squeaky clean basement, and has Eric give an official statement to The Authority via webcam. Surprisingly enough, Eric tells the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth. The Authority rules that they are unaware of Eric’s statement, and Nan basically gives Eric permission to take Russell out and get the revenge he has wanted for centuries.

Russell arrives back at his home to find Talbot a goopy mess. He is very distraught and this is the last straw for him. He scoops Talbot into a clear glass candy dish thing and flies around with him. We see him standing on the roof of Fangtasia with Talbot in the glass dish, vowing to make Eric pay for what he’s done.

Lafayette and Jesus develop their relationship and take care of Lafayette’s mother until the next morning when Jesus takes her back to the home.

Crystal and Her Family

Jason goes to check on Crystal, only to find her in another scuffle with Felton. They knock Felton out and hog-tie him to a tree in the woods. Jason calls the police disguising his voice and tells the dispatcher that Felton has a bag of V on him. The pair think they have taken care of Felton until they arrive at the police station to find out that one of the officers, Kevin, has been beaten within an inch of his life after responding to the call. Jason wonders how this could have happened because of the way they tied Felton up.

Andy takes Crystal’s cousin to his arraignment and he sees Crystal behind the counter at the police station. Crystal worries what this could mean for her if her cousin thinks she’s the snitch. Later on, Crystal’s father shows up at Merlotte’s and Sam reminds him he isn’t welcome. When he insults Sam, Sam beats him within an inch of HIS life. Crystal rides with Lafayette and Jesus to the hospital even though Jason insists she must stay away from her father.

Sam and His Family

Sam tries to settle Tommy down when Arlene and Terry – his other leasees – are disturbed by the loud sex taking place at Tommy’s house. Tommy gets defiant, even calling Sam his father. Later on at the bar, Arlene accuses Tommy of stealing her tips. Perhaps Sam has taken on more than he can handle. It seems Tommy was part of the Mickens problem too.

Holly comes across Arlene crying in the back after she tells Sam about Tommy stealing her tips. Arlene is emotional, and she confesses to Holly that the baby isn’t Terry’s. Holly asks if Arlene would like to go to the clinic. Arlene declines, but at least now she knows it’s an option.

Tara’s Suffering

Tara attends a rape survivors group where she runs into Holly, the new waitress at Merlotte’s. Tara is having a rough go and it seems she is finally starting to heal when after work one night, she is confronted by Franklin. As I thought, Franklin getting his head bashed in meant he wasn’t dead. He sure is dead though after Jason comes around the corner and shoots him, defending Tara.

Hadley and Her Son

Hadley asks Sookie to meet her at an aquarium, where she’s taken her son out of daycare without the father’s knowledge. Hadley begs Sookie to figure out if her son is “like her.” Turns out he is — uh oh. Hadley rushes out in a panic.

Bill’s Findings

Near the end of the episode, Bill wakes from his slumber to find water dripping into his enclosure underneath the floor. When he exists, he is in the fairyland that Sookie visited. The woman we’ve seen there before is convinced that Bill is there because he killed Sookie, but he drank so much of her blood that I’m sure that’s why he was able to go. Bill returns to the real world and tells Sookie that he knows what she is.

Russell on National Television

This episode ends with the most gruesome news report. We see a reporter giving us the story on the Vampire Rights Amendment vote drawing near. Suddenly, Russell appears behind him and rips out his spine. Russell threatens the news crew into continuing rolling. On live TV, Russell says that the Vampire Rights Amendment should not be passed, as vampires are superior to humans, not equal.

This is going to cause a LOT of trouble for Nan… and the general public.

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