Sookie Overreacting… Again

We open this episode with Sookie’s scream, as she believes Sam is in her home because he is the notorious Bon Temps killer. He has to show Sookie his secret: he is a shapeshifter.  Sookie throughout the episode is upset that Sam never told her, even though they kissed and she herself is different from others. I think it’s understandable that Sam would want to keep this a secret. A little overreacting much, Sook?

The Exorcism

Tara meets with Ms. Jeanette in the woods, and she performs the $800 exorcism. Tara vomits the demon from her and hallucinates a younger version of herself that she must stab and kill. When Tara returns home to nearly exorcised and sober mother, the two go out of town for a celebratory meal. On their way home, Tara stops at a pharmacy for Pepto Bismol because her mother’s stomach began to hurt in the car. Ms. Jeanette is stocking shelves and Tara confronts her. Ms. Jeanette tells her that she does what she has to in order to support her family. She had only given Tara a mixture of ipecac and peyote to make her vomit and hallucinate. Tara keeps the inauthenticity of the exorcisms from her mother in order to keep her sober.

More Betrayals and Manipulation

Amy manipulates Jason after she finds that Jason has been sneaking Eddie Tru Bloods. Eddie sees through Amy’s act, even though she insists she’s a good person because she is vegan and leaves a very small carbon footprint on the world. Nevermind that she’s saying all this while draining a prisoner of his blood to use as a drug.

Sam throws Arlene and Rene an engagement party at Merlotte’s for the night. Lafayette confronts Jason at the party about running his mouth about his V business after finding Eddie’s house broken into and Eddie missing. Jason tells Hoyt and Rene about meeting Amy at Fangtasia, and he confesses that he isn’t sure she’s the one. I sure hope she isn’t, Jason. I mean, get it together. Tara is extremely drunk at the affair and becomes enraged when Sam will not sleep with her in his office. Later on during the party, Sookie goes inside the bar to grab ice. Someone else is inside with her. She gets visions of women being strangled. She knows the person in the bar with her is the murderer. Sam enters just in time to get her to safety.

Sam’s Sad History

We do get some flashbacks this episode from Sam’s childhood. His parents witnessed his shapeshifting and packed up house and left while Sam was at school one day. The rest of the house is empty, but Sam’s room remains untouched.

Bill’s Fate and a New Character

Bill faces a tribunal of vampires doling out punishments for misdeeds. We watch as a vampire gets both of his fangs extracted for feeding on another vampire’s human. It will take three weeks for them to grow back as he starves. Bill’s punishment, seeing as Longshadow was a thief, is less severe than normal. He must become a maker. The tribunal brings out a young redhead who begs for her life. Bill turns Jessica into a vampire.

This episode brings us Jessica, who presumably will have to come live with Bill as a part of his punishment. He will have to teach her how to be a vampire in theory. I’m sure Sookie won’t be the biggest fan of that. Another woman around? She’ll probably call Bill a dog. But wait, that’s Sam.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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