In this episode, we open up with Sookie and Bill finishing making love. Sookie is convinced that she has found the man of her dreams and has lost her virginity to the right person. When Sookie goes to Merlotte’s to work a shift, everyone can tell there is something different about her. Her mood is lifted and she is in high spirits.

Arlene compliments Sookie’s scarf and Sookie tells Arlene about her night with Bill. Arlene tells Sam, who makes a huge scene and rips the scarf from Sookie’s neck to reveal bite marks.

Sookie tells Bill that same night that the reason she was uncomfortable with Uncle Bartlett being at Adele’s funeral is that he is a pedophile. We flash back to Sookie as a child reading his disgusting thoughts about her prepubescent body. Bill takes Uncle Bartlett out the next night.


Tara’s alcoholic mother, after being denied money from Tara for an exorcism, tries to get a loan from a bank. She causes a scene when the banker will not loan her money for such a reason. Tara ends up giving in and taking money from her secret stash to pay for it. The pair walk in the backwoods of Louisiana to the woman who performs the exorcism on Tara’s mother. She exorcises the demon, which flies into a possum she has caged in the room for this purpose. She then drowns the possum to kill the demon.


Jason is addicted to vampire blood and Lafayette will not sell him anymore. He goes to Fangtasia in search of more. Here he meets Amy, and they go back to Jason’s place and do V.

The Ending

The final scenes in this episode show Bill’s vampire friend trio entering the bar and causing a ruckus. They disturb all of Merlotte’s patrons and Bill has to speed in when Malcolm is about to bite Sookie. Bill puts on a show, saying he needs to join them because they are his own kind. It is obvious Bill is doing this to get the vampires away from Merlotte’s. Bill goes back to their lair with them.

The three rednecks that insulted Lafayette and his burger a few episodes ago decide to take matters into their own hands. During the daylight, the three throw molotov cocktails into the vampires’ home, burning the place to a crisp as screams echo in the background.

Sookie hears of the news and rushes to the home, demanding to know if Bill was inside. There are four coffins being pulled from the wreckage.

The Verdict

This episode makes up easily for the slow nature of the last one. Every character develops here and the interactions between humans and vampires become more complex. This episode sees Sookie release many of her inhibitions and determine her own path no matter what others think. We see Jason continue on a drug addled decline. Tara helps her mother, hoping desperately it will end her nastiness. Complications are really arising in the characters and their problems are very real and human. The viewers can begin to feel deeply connected with them.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
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