We find ourselves with Pam at the beginning of the episode attempting to halt Tara’s suicide attempt in the tanning bed. Pam can only get her to stop when she commands Tara to never try something like this again. And let me say, Tara ain’t looking too amazing after all that – bubbly oozing skin and all.

Sookie confesses to Jason that she murdered Debbie. Jason wants to help her make it go away, not put her in prison. Jessica happens to be at Jason’s and hears Sookie’s confession as well.

Sookie and Lafayette argue about Sookie’s openness and inability to keep her mouth closed. Lafayette gets heated and calls her the “Angel of Death.” Sookie is torn up over it. Later on, Lafayette is outside and sees Sookie’s car. His demon rears its head and curses her car. When Sookie drives home that evening, the car drives itself on full speed and will not let Sookie use the brakes. She jumps from her vehicle narrowly missing a nasty collision.

Bill and Eric are dropped off at Fangtasia with their iStakes strapped around their chests. It seems that only four people knew what happened with Russell, so the pair are trying to figure out who broke Russell Edgington out. Eric and Pam have an emotional fight when he accuses her of being the rat. Pam isn’t the rat, but Eric ends up releasing her from his maker bonds as he doesn’t want her to die if he dies trying to fight Russell and the Authority.

Back at the Authority, Salome and Roman finally get Nora to give them the name of the other traitor in their midst who is a Sanguinista. It turns out to be the kid, who has a video of himself saved feeding on a human saying that humans are just food. Wow, what a bad thing for the Authority to find while searching your room. Roman stakes the kid and that is that.

Sam’s friends stop by Merlotte’s and get him to agree to go running with them again, no matter what happened with Luna. He agrees, but when he gets to their place that night he finds both of them with bullets in their heads.

The judge stops by the police station and thanks Andy for getting his son’s ticket cleared. He invites Andy and Jason to a party. They travel to the party in a limo with three women who blindfold them to take them where they are going. We quickly see that these women are fairies and take the judge, Jason, and Andy to fairyland. Jason sees Hadley and pieces together where they are after speaking with her. Andy runs into Morella again.

Jason begins to cause a scene and Jason and Andy are both kicked out of the party via portal. The last shot we see of these two are two fairies back on Earth about to blast light at Jason and Andy lying in the grass.

Alcide drops by to speak to Debbie’s parents. He confesses that he knows what happened to Debbie and that she is dead. He tells them that Marcus killed her and bragged about it, but that he killed Marcus with his bare hands and that anyone would back that up. The Pelts find sufficient answers in what Alcide tells them and leave town, returning home.

Terry and Patrick travel to South Dakota to find Eller. We see flashbacks of combat in Iraq and about how Eller shot a civilian for no reason. Terry and Patrick find his lair in the woods that has an underground bunker with drawings and scribbles of fires. The two turn around to see Eller with a gun in their faces.

Sookie goes home after her accident and begins drinking heavily. Lafayette calls when he comes upon her smashed car. Sookie explains what happened and Lafayette seems to piece together that this is his fault. Sookie asks Lafayette to get her car towed if he wants to help and hangs up because Alcide shows up at her door.

Sookie offers Alcide a drink and the two begin making out, just as Bill and Eric come to Sookie’s house. They can see her through the window. Bill and Eric seem to think that Sookie will be useful in their search for Russell Edgington and decide to bring her with them, even against her will.

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