Here we are, folks – the final season of True Blood. It took us a long time to get here, but we are nearing the end.

Attack on Bellefleur’s

We open the final season with a bloodbath. The Hep-V infected vampires are tearing the place to smithereens.

TrueBloodS7E1 Tara fighting an infected vampire

People are killed in the fight against the infected vampires.

TrueBloodS7E1 Violet fighting at the party

Suddenly, the vampires clear out and we can survey the aftermath. Tara was killed while keeping Lettie Mae safe and we see Lettie Mae on the ground covered in vampire guts.

TrueBloodS7E1 Lettie Mae holding Tara's remains

Honestly, I felt really disappointed in this. I am not disappointed that Tara died, but I am pretty angry that the showrunners killed off an original character off-screen. It feels quite cheap. Willa gives Lettie Mae her blood to heal her and Tara’s mother is crying out and saying that Tara is there with her. If this means that somehow Tara is alive, this will be even cheaper. Overall, I was very let down by Tara’s end.

TrueBloodS7E1 Lettie Mae and Tara hiding behind a car

Jason calls Andy and tells him that Arlene, Holly, and Nicole have been taken by the infected vampires. We see later on in the episode that they are being held in the dungeon of Fangtasia, along with Kevin, who is murdered in cold blood on the basement stairs.

TrueBloodS7E1 Bill showing up to the fight


Andy enlists Bill to help him search for Arlene and Holly and leaves Jessica to watch over Adilyn.

TrueBloodS7E1 Andy and Bill

He is very stern in telling Adilyn to not invite Jessica in. Throughout the night, Adilyn opens the window and chats with Jessica. An infected vampire shows up and demands to taste Adilyn. Jessica protects her, feeding Adilyn a taste of her blood so that she will know where she is at all times.

TrueBloodS7E1 Jessica protecting Adilyn

As the sun comes up, Jessica and the other vampire are in a standoff. The infected vampire asks if Jessica is really willing to die for Adilyn. Just as the two are about to erupt in flames, Adilyn invites Jessica in to stay in their light-tight attic. Jessica comes inside and nearly attacks Adilyn but stops herself and runs up to the attic. The vampire outside sets ablaze.

TrueBloodS7E1 Jessica feeding Adilyn her blood

Sookie listens to Alcide’s thoughts and hears him thinking about how Sookie is the reason for the town massacre at the Bellefleur party. She storms off and walks home alone. Alcide gets upset at her when he gets home and Sookie tells him about how she listened to his thoughts. Later, the two make up in bed.

Finding Information

Vince, Sam’s previous mayoral running opponent, sees Sam shift coming back from searching for Nicole. He threatens Sam with exposure but Sam convinces him that the town can’t take that right now.

We see Pam in Morocco playing Russian Roulette. She seeks information to find Eric and once she gets it, she says that can’t be right. I do believe Eric is alive, as Pam and Willa would have felt his death if he had burned last season.

Jason and Violet encounter a group of humans, including Vince, searching for the infected vampires to kill. Violet oversteps and Jason is offended, as he is a man and a cop. Jason gets fed up with Violet and they finally have sex on the front of his cop car.


James (who is clearly not the same James as last season) escorts Lafayette home. Before Lafayette lets him feed, the two get high together. James confesses that he loved his childhood friend who died at war. He tells Lafayette about how his friend’s dad screamed slurs at him when his son died, as he knew that they were lovers. I will say that this show has the most visible bisexual representation and I am living for it.

We end this episode the next morning at church. Sookie touches Tara’s mother’s shoulder. Lettie Mae turns around and tells Sookie that she is not welcome there because it is her fault Tara died. As Sookie is leaving, she tells everyone in the room that she can hear their nasty thoughts and that she only wants to help, as she knows more about vampires than anyone.

I hate to keep saying these last few episode were weird, but they are totally weird. Infected vampires against uninfected vampires and humans is not sensational and I can see why the show ended at this season.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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