Bill’s Decision

When we left Sookie, she was about to be attacked by the bartender at Fangtasia for exposing his wrongdoings. He had stolen money – a huge sum of money – from the bar and Eric. As he pounces on Sookie, Bill makes a split decision to protect her and stakes the bartender vampire with a wooden beer tap handle that he breaks off.

As Sookie cleans herself up with Pam in the bathroom, Eric and Bill discuss his punishment. Bill killed a vampire in front of vampire witnesses. This will not be the end of it.

Another Murder

Sookie and Bill return back to her home to find her cat has been murdered and strung from the ceiling fan.

Love Triangle

Jason and Amy have kidnapped Eddie – Lafayette’s lover and supplier of his V. Throughout the episode, Jason and Amy drink Eddie’s blood directly from the source, getting high on a fresh supply. Jason and Eddie bond in the basement as they discuss their life stories. Eddie tells Jason about how he was only recently turned a vampire after his wife found out he was gay and took his son away from him. Jason confesses about his parents’ deaths to Eddie. Seeing a more humane side of Jason was really multi-dimensional in this episode. Jason isn’t just a sex crazed, drug addicted man. There is more below the surface. It seems he has just been running in the wrong crowd. The relationship between captor and victim between Jason and Eddie is fresh and revealing.

Tara’s Demon

Tara begins to think about how she may have a demon inside herself and visits the woman who performed the exorcism on her mother. The woman wants $800 for Tara’s exorcism, as it is more complicated than her mother’s, she explains. Tara and Sam continue to be involved together. Sam wants more than sex with Tara. He wants something substantial. Tara tells him about how she thinks she’s crazy for thinking there is a demon inside her and she doesn’t have the money for the exorcism anyway. Tara fights it, but Sam gives her the $800.


Eric returns with a new bartender and Pam to take Bill away to a tribunal. Bill goes to Merlotte’s before leaving and asks Sam to watch over Sookie. Their relationship may be pained, but they both care for Sookie dearly. Sam agrees to keep watch over her.

Sookie watches on later as Tara and Sam make out in his office. This is the first time she has learned of their secret relationship. Sookie goes over to Bill’s to stay somewhere the murderer would not be looking for her.

Sam finishes with Tara to find out Sookie has gone to Bill’s home to sleep. As he tries to chase after her, Andy confronts him about his misinformation about his nudist colony parents. Sam says that he forgot something in the bar and the dog we have seen in previous episode races out of the bar. The dog finds Sookie at Bill’s house. Sookie invites him in bed with her. Sookie wakes in the middle of the night to find a naked Sam in bed where the dog once was.

The Verdict

This episode was strong with revelations. Bill must face a tribunal for his crimes. What will happen? Tara is going to exorcise her demon. Will she get better or waste her money? Sookie is finding out that Sam is a shapeshifter. The spiciness continues…

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
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