This episode throws us for a couple loops and quite a few scenes that made me say, “huh, is this weird or is it just me?”

Plot Twist

This episode opens with Sookie and Ben bringing an unconscious Jason into her house and lying him on the couch. When Sookie goes off to call an ambulance, Ben produces fangs and bites into himself to give Jason his blood. WHOA. What. Is. Happening. My first thought wasn’t that this meant Ben was Warlow, but we do get there eventually.

TrueBlood S6E4 Ben biting himself to feed Jason his blood

Sookie realizes that Ben gave Jason his blood when she sees his frantic exercising and the drop of blood near the couch later on. Sookie uses her newly learned power where she can analyze the blood and see what happened. She learns more than she bargains for and produces a plan.

Coming Up With A Plan

Sookie invites Ben over for a seemingly romantic dinner. Ben shows up late when he gets entangled with Niall. Jason confesses a sexy dream about Ben to Niall and the pieces begin connecting for them. The pair go to hunt Ben and he glamours Jason and attacks Niall. He drains Niall and doesn’t drink the blood, but keeps him alive just enough to bring him to the portal on the bridge where he emerged episodes ago.

TrueBlood S6E4 Jason and Niall go to confront Ben

Ben throws Niall through the portal. After taking care of Jason and Niall, he is super late to his date with Sookie. While cooking the food, we saw Sookie put liquid silver in the food. Ben devours the food, seemingly without noticing the smell. I find this pretty strange since he’s like the oldest vampire in existence and has dual vampire and fairy powers. He doesn’t sense anything? Was he too distracted by Niall and Jason?

Sookie and Ben end the episode making out on her couch after dinner when Sookie creates a supernova, points it at Ben, and says “Get off me or die Warlow.” I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Other Storylines

When it comes to the other storylines during this episode, I felt there was much left to be desired.

TrueBlood S6E4 Alcide and his father talking

Lafayette helps Sam, Emma, and Nicole escape the wolfpack. Sam tells him that he’s got it from here and transforms into a horse to get Emma and Nicole out of there.

TrueBlood S6E4 Lafayette holding Nicole's arm after their escape

In the hotel room, Sam and Nicole share a kiss. Sam … Luna hasn’t even been dead a few days though.

Getting Willa Back

Burrell and his team barges into Ginger’s house thinking that they’ll be getting Willa back, but they are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Willa tries to taste Eric’s blood and he does not let her. He is curious as to why she wants to. Something in Eric possesses him to make Willa a vampire.

TrueBlood S6E4 Eric turning Willa into a vampire

It’s weird because Willa seems to be falling in love with Eric, but she is also his captive. Strange. After Eric turns Willa, he tells her to go home to her father and show him what she has become. Willa feels pretty betrayed by this because she sees that Eric is using her to get back at Burrell.

TrueBlood S6E4 Willa covered in blood returning to her father as a vampire

However, Willa does as she is told and her father sort of accepts her. Sarah Newlin is there and her and Burrell are an item. Sarah is extremely angry that Burrell is accepting his daughter as a vampire. Suddenly, Willa smells the blood on her father’s hand injury. Since she’s a baby, she attacks. She’s got no self control. Sarah shoots her and insists that they take Willa to the camp.

Pam and Tara argue about Willa and Eric in the middle of town. Tara storms off and the authorities shoot and capture Pam. Tara watches this from afar.

Andy’s Daughters Get Into Trouble

Andy’s daughters read Terry’s mind about killing Patrick. This could be pretty dangerous since he’s missing, but it seems to really affect Terry’s emotionality. Arlene must console him after the girls listen in to his mind.

Andy’s daughters wait until everyone in the house is sleeping and then dress up in Arlene’s clothes and take a joyride in Andy’s cop car. They go to the convenience store and try to buy beer. Jessica shows up and gets the beer by glamouring the clerk and brings the girls back to her and Bill’s place to party.

TrueBlood S6E4 Bill using a watch contraption to retrieve blood from one of Andy's daughters

Bill gets two of the girls to willingly donate their blood to him, but we quickly learn that this won’t be enough to synthesize it. The professor says that the blood changes back into human blood within minutes when outside the body and that there is no way he can synthesize it like that. Bill insists that the professor find a way because failure is not an option.

TrueBlood S6E4 Bill bringing the fairy blood to the professor

The professor is upset that he is involved in something unsavory when Bill says that he has plenty of the blood upstairs. Bill forces the professor to comply. Upstairs, Jessica loses control when Andy’s daughters try to escape and force their way out. Jessica attacks and drinks all of them. Bill when returns to the living room, he walks in to see Jessica crying and she says that she was worried about Bill killing them, but that it was her who did it.

TrueBlood S6E4 Jessica crying after killing Andy's daughters
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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