We open this episode with a drunk Eric, after he’s drained Sookie’s fairy godmother Claudine. We’ve never seen a vampire drink ALL of a fairy before. Eric is flirting and pinching Sookie’s butt, drunk as a skunk. We now know the true, full effects of fairy blood for a vampire.

Eric runs away, insisting that he will walk in the sun now. It is now daytime and Sookie is understandably worried that Eric is out in the sun. She enlists Alcide’s help to track him down. Alcide morphs into a wolf and tracks the scent. The pair happen upon Eric swimming in a pond in broad daylight. As the three discuss taking Eric back, he begins to burn. They give him a blanket to cover himself with and get him to run home.

Sookie gets Eric secure in the cubby in her home. Alcide asks how safe it is to be keeping Eric there, but Sookie dismisses him.

Alcide returns home and tells Debbie about helping Sookie find Eric.

Sookie goes back down into the cubby to check on Eric and he makes a move on her. They are about to kiss when the doorbell rings. It is Bill, showing up to demand a search on her house. Sookie convinces him that she has never lied to him and will be betrayed if he searches her home without her consent. Bill yields and leaves.


Jason is still being raped by the women of the Felton family. The youngest member of the family comes in, and Jason draws a hard line. She is a child and a virgin. He convinces her to free him and he escapes. Jason is injured and trying to get away, but Felton comes after him once discovering he is gone. Jason hides in a tree and when the panther is right below him, he stabs him with a spear. Felton is no more.

Crystal soon comes running up and praises Jason. She says now they can truly be together the way they wanted. Jason tells her to turn back around and leave him alone forever. She lets Jason go. He stumbles through the woods until he happens upon a winding road. He collapses.

Jessica and Hoyt happen to be driving and pull over at the sign of a man in the road. When they realize it is Jason, Jessica feeds him her blood to heal him.


Maxine comes into Merlotte’s looking for Tommy. She confronts Sam, accusing him of hurting Tommy. Sam still knows the secret that Tommy was going to exploit Maxine and take the money for the natural gas on her property. Maxine does not know this. Sam figures Tommy skipped town and promises Maxine he didn’t hurt him.

We see Tommy return to his mother, who says she left Joe Lee. Tommy tells her about how he’s learning to read and she praises him highly. Things take a turn when Tommy realizes his mother was lying about leaving Joe Lee. Joe Lee wraps a chain around Tommy’s neck, choking him, and vows that he will never escape again. The pair intend to throw Tommy back in the dog fighting ring.

Sam pays Luna a surprise visit at her home and gets to meet her daughter.

The Spirit

Marlene, Jesus, Lafayette, and Tara search for answers on how to reverse the spell on Eric. We see Marlene have a vision/dream of a witch being burned. It seems like this may be the spirit inhabiting her body. The crew finds a spell to use when a book falls off a shelf.

They are performing the ritual out in the woods with Pam when Pam gets angry and interrupts. Marnie is inhabited by the spirit and casts a spell on Pam that makes her skin age and Pam runs from the ritual.


Bill and Portia visit Andy and their grandmother. They are looking through photo albums and the family bible when Bill realizes he is Portia’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Well, that’s awkward.

We are seeing things really ramp up in this episode, and I can’t wait to see how Jason, Tommy, and Eric get out of their situations.

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