When it comes to remakes, they either exceed expectations or fail miserably. So when it comes down to the Sinister Soska Sisters artistic take on David Crohnenburgs 1977 original, prepare to be in for an eye-opener.

have to admit I’m a huge fan of the Twisted Twins work. I loved American Mary and with their version of Rabid, I definitely spotted some elements there that define the Soska sisters as directors. The movie was beautiful from the get-go cinematography wise. We follow Rose Miller, a struggling designer working in the bitchy field of fashion. I don’t know about you but a job like that sounds like a horror movie all of its own! When a near-fatal traffic accident renders the meek Rose beyond recognizable, she wakes up in the hospital facing the monstrosity she has become since the accident. However, there is hope it seems for the timid one by way of stem cell treatment which rejuvenates her beauty and strength more than ever. Of course, there is a side effect! 

Symptoms May Include……

Of course, the movie is no masterpiece but it definitely is super enjoyable by way of horror remakes. Rabid is not the worst remake by far. It does lack character though but the gore makes up for it for me! If I had to put Rabid in a category I would definitely say that it belongs in a B movie category. There was a handful of cheese mixed into the film, many plot holes, and characters that lacked any sort of dimension at all. The main lead Laura Vandervoort who plays Rose Miller is a brilliant actress. Her transformation throughout the film from girl next door who always complies by the rules to a hot sexy ravenous vixen is pretty impressive. I really loved her performance. She was believable which is always a plus for me. It was also fun to see WWE wrestler CM Punk have a role in the movie. whether his acting skills are good is debatable but overall he was ‘entertaining’ to watch.

The special effects were awesome! With Cronenberg being the father of body horror I was skeptical that the Soska Sisters could pull it off. I’m so very happy they did! And did it well nonetheless. Slimy, pinkish intestinal looking tentacles writhing around a hot woman is definitely something I imagine in an HP Lovecraft book. Rabid has a definite sci-fi feel to it. There was gore aplenty to fulfill any horror fans depraved lust for blood. 

With an updated artistic version of a classic movie, I have to give props to the Soska Sisters for even taking on such a film. I love their movies and will say that I enjoyed the remake of Rabid more than American Mary which is also a fuckin good film! The only downside to the movie was the weak ending. It felt awfully rushed. 

As remakes go this one deserves high praise or at least recognition for trying! I can’t wait to see what the Soska Sisters conjure up next!