It’s been a long time coming, but it seems that Sam Raimi is ready to dip his talented toes back into the horror genre pool again. Details are scant from the Hollywood Reporter exclusive, but we’re diving in regardless. There is horror afoot.

Untitled Horror Thriller

Raimi will be working again with Columbia Pictures, producers of his Spider-Man trilogy that featured Tobey Macguire. It is said that Raimi will produce via Raimi Productions, but more importantly direct the film as well. The film, which is as of yet, untilted, is written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon. They’re the team who wrote the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot.

The Hollywood Reporter source describes the project as being some sort of fusion of Misery and Cast Away. Tonally, it sounds as though it’ll play on themes of isolation, likely caused by a sinister figure. There is little to go on beyond the project announcement. However, the project was quickly snapped up by Columbia Pictures before the pitch was set to go to market.

This means something about it really caught Columbia’s attention. Perhaps it is Sam Raimi’s track-record.

Sam Raimi: A Horror Icon

Sam Raimi requires very little introduction to the Haunted MTL audience, but it has been a bit since his last horror film. Raimi rose to prominence through his 1981 independent horror darling The Evil Dead. Prior to The Evil Dead, however, Raimi cut his teeth on a wide variety of short films.

The Evil Dead launched Raimi’s career as a filmmaker into the upper echelon of talent and would earn him work on Darkman, The Quick and the Dead, and the Spider-Man trilogy. Raimi’s last horror film he directed was 2009’s Drag Me to Hell.

Raimi also became heavily involved in producing, which attached him to some big-name properties. Beyond producing Xena: Warrior Princess, he also produced a number of huge horror films such as The Grudge, Drag me to Hell, and the upcoming adaptation of the mega-hit video game, The Last of Us.

The Evil Dead, of course, launched an entire powerhouse of a franchise.

What about Ash vs Evil Dead?

Ash vs Evil Dead was a 4 season horror show produced by Raimi that continued to story of Ash Williams. The show was on Starz and was quite a treat for fans of Raimi’s horror work. His directing of the series’ first episode “El Jefe” set the tone and style for the rest of the show.

So while yes, Raimi hasn’t directed a horror film since 2009, Drag Me to Hell was not his last horror-directing gig. With the news of this untitled horror project, however, it doesn’t seem like “El Jefe” will be his last horror-directing gig either.

Regardless of whether producing counts or not, are you excited to see Sam Raimi back in the director’s chair? Let Haunted MTL know what you think – what is your favorite Sam Raimi movie?

We will continue to track news on this project as details are made available.

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