When we think of the word ‘Horror’ we automatically think of big, scary monsters creeping out of the dark towards us in the dead of night, fetid lips snarling, fangs bared, hot saliva dripping from its lips and red eyes burning into our terrified souls. I don’t blame you for thinking this as usually that is the typical world of a horror movie, there is always a monster doing the scaring but in Neil Jordan’s (Interview With The Vampire) 2019 thriller Greta we are shown how the monster is human. This is what I love about doing reviews. A movie like Greta would simply be overlooked as a horror movie because it doesn’t contain big scary creatures wanting to tear your face off. I, however, am here to offer up my opinion to you all as to why I think Greta deserves a spot in the horror genre.

Frenemy Or Enemy?

Starring the wonderfully talented Cloe Grace Moretz as the sweet naive Francis Mccullen, a young woman who has recently moved to Manhatten and Isabelle Huppert who plays the title character, Greta.

The film explores the nature of the simple act of kindness when returning on her way home from work on the train one evening Francis McCullen stumbles upon an old handbag that’s been left behind. Being the decent girl that she is Francis takes the bag and looks at the id inside and returns to the bag to its owner. Greta. This is where the two unlikely people begin to form a bond and at first, is rather innocent but soon becomes to the point of obsessive and full on hella creepy. Moretz’s performance is genuinely impressive and I could feel her sympathy towards the lonely Greta and warmed my heart at first. Of course, that soon changed!

Monsters Are Real And They Look like Me Or You!

Greta doesn’t contain copious amounts of blood and gore, the only monster in this movie is us and that is why it deserves recognition! The scariest monsters of this world are human and watching a simple act of kindness be warped into something neurotic is truly bloody disturbing. A person you hardly know standing outside your workplace from the time you started to the time you finish shift? Endless phone calls? Even the estranged acquaintance turning up your apartment begging you to have contact with them is really fuckin disturbing. Yes, it may not be as typical horror but screw that! Greta literally has all the elements it needs to be classed as a horror film.

With great performances and an interesting plot, Greta is definitely one of my favs so far and after this review goes live I’ll be watching it again!