What Is Lost

This episode of Netflix’s Witcher was really exciting if you like political scheming and boring conversations set in beautiful places. If that doesn’t interest you, then this might not be the most exciting episode. 

The Witchers from Witcher Season Two, What Is Lost,

After the meeting with the Deathless Mother, Yennefer heads home to Aretuza. There she’s welcomed as a hero after saving everyone. 

No, of course, that’s not what happened. The Brotherhood questions her loyalty because she survived the insane amount of power she had to use to save everyone’s ass last season. Generally, I think the Brotherhood just has a problem with anyone they think they can’t control.

In this den of backstabbing and pain, Yennefer is rightly hiding the fact that she’s lost her powers. This is a shame, because one of the council members, Stregobor, decides it’s alright to torture her right in the middle of the hallway. He wants to know how she survived, as though it’s some sort of trick.

Even though they’re supposed to be allies, and he clearly just attacked her unprovoked, the Brotherhood chose not to punish him. Instead, they expect Yennefer to prove her loyalty by killing a prisoner named Cahir. As though not dropping Stregobor when he attacked her didn’t prove that already. She didn’t need magic to do it.

The Brotherhood makes a big show of this execution. And Yennefer, in the final moment, decides not to play. She frees Cahir instead, and they escape into the darkness. In hindsight, it’s probably a bad idea to insult someone’s loyalty then give them a massive ax. 

Geralt from Witcher Season Two, What Is Lost.

There was another bit of excitement in the episode. Ciri and Geralt have to go and hunt a leshy. But just as they face the creature down, the leshy becomes the lunch of something else. Something big and scary and completely foreign to Geralt. And when an ancient monster hunter doesn’t even recognize a monster, that’s a concern. What’s even more of a concern is that the beast was heading right for Ciri. Now, we already knew that Ciri is special. From her mother, she inherited some special powers that have yet to be investigated. Is that why she’s now being hunted by inhuman monsters? Or is some other reason, we’ve yet to be introduced to?

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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