We’re back at the Hotel, Killer Queens. And things are starting to get sticky.

So sticky that I feel we’ve lost some of the subplots for the season.

Much of this episode was devoted to The Countess’s origin story. We start with Will Drake doing some construction on the hotel. A few construction workers find a steel wall. And it’s no surprise that the steel was there for a reason. Lurking behind it are two monsters, the likes of which we haven’t seen yet this season. At least, we think we haven’t. 

But we’ll get to that soon.

Natacha from American Horror Story Hotel Flicker.

The Countess was an actress way back in the day, in the 1920s. At that time, she caught the eye of the iconic actor, Valentino. He and his wife, Natacha, pull The Countess into a love affair. And they’re quite happy together until Valentino dies.

Left alone, The Countess marries Mr. March. And they seem happy enough until Valentino and Natacha come back. They’re changed, though, reborn. And they want to make The Countess just like them. 

Mr. March, jealous of his wife’s lovers, seal them up into the walls of the Hotel Cortez. Where they dehydrated for years. Until that is, Will Drake took the wall down and set them free.

Meanwhile, our hero John is away at a hospital trying to get his mental health in order. He soon finds out that one of his fellow patients is a girl named Wren, who has been traveling with the 10 Commandments Killer. Do you remember how John was hunting a serial killer? It kind of feels like that part of the story was lost.

Wren from American Horror Story Hotel Flicker.

Wren is one of The Countess’s vampire children. And for some reason, she seems intent upon protecting the 10 Commandments guy. This leads me to think that he, like everything else, has something to do with this hotel. 

Do you remember, Killer Queens, that there’s a flock of vampire kids just roaming free in the streets? Are we going to get back to that at any point? 

If American Horror Story has one flaw, it’s that they often try to do too much in one season. While I appreciate the richness of the tales, it feels like this season is trying to do far, far too much. I guess we’ll have to see if we get sufficient closure by the time we check out. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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