Who knew that Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina would be so lucrative? Fresh from the success of the mistress of goop and the global sellout of her vagina scented candle (do I sense a hint of cardamom?), comes a brand new launch with none other than ex-hubby Chris Martin!

Martin, most noted for being pegged by Paltrow for his musical genius, reached down and deep with Goop’s creative team to form what can only be described as a conscious re-coupling and then re-docking with the scent lab’s biofilm batch vats. The results were nothing short of stunning.

We knew from that instant we had another classic on our hands’

Described by the Goop scentologist, as ‘an instant classic, even better than Something Just Like This’, Martin’s candle took a few batches to perfect, but ultimately the rocker gave a hearty thumbs up once the scentologists added the fully organic ingredient. The eureka moment came when Martin walked into the room with Paltrow.

‘We knew we were on the right track of something–we tried to reproduce the same lightning in a bottle like Gwyneth’s candle–and much by accident, one of our anti-aging specialists dropped an ounce of the all organic baby deer urine that they use in the Goldie Fawn Facial peels. It was at that moment Martin and Paltrow walked in to check our progress. She said, “Wow, this smells familiar… I just can’t put my finger on it. It’s on the tip of my tongue…” Then, almost in unison, the pair shouted, “Oh my God! That smells just like deez nuts!” We knew from that instant we had another classic on our hands.’

Goop Scentologist, Willowbark Moongoddess III

The new fragrance called ‘Deez Nuts’ is being sold as a candle and facial cream set that is stated to have ‘rejuvenatory powers that’s perfect for that special someone for Valentine’s Day. Much like brill cream,’ the scentologist continued, ‘a little dab will do ya’.

If the vag candle is any indication, Deez Nuts will be just as popular and fly off the shelves. So get yours soon! Your wife and mother will both agree that Deez Nuts make the perfect gift for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. Order today and they’ll stuff Deez Nuts in a fully organic heart shaped box.

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