LOS ANGELES, CA. One afternoon, landlord Craig Tist realized that there was one tenant he hadn’t seen since the very start of quarantine. That was YouTube sensation and daily vlogger, Betty Sight. After the first month of not seeing Betty, Craig said, “I thought I’d give it another month because maybe she’s immunocompromised and a skilled online shopper. You never know in LA, baby.” Then another month passed. Still nothing. That’s when Craig decided to be a heroic landlord and see what was the 411 with apartment 111.

After knocking on the door and hearing nothing, Craig took it upon himself to enter the premises. He kicked down the door because he’s a drama queen. He obviously had a key to get in.

He found the place vacant except for one, expensive camera. Of course, nosy Craig hit play. Craig told us he quickly learned Betty was willing to do anything for views.

According to the footage Craig found, Betty realized once lockdown started she wouldn’t be able to vlog her usual “thrilling” life. So she had to branch out of her comfort zone. A video dated back to the first week of quarantine shows Betty attempting to film a cover of the hit song, “Señorita” but her voice was too… terrible, as they say in Spanish.

Footage shows that after a month of uploading 0 vlogs, showering once every week, and eating Bush’s Baked Beans from the can, Betty finally realized how she would bring back her fame. After bingeing the paranormal TV show Ghost Hunters, Betty decided this was her new fate.

Naturally, Betty then purchased a haunted doll, Ouija board, and spirit box. Lonely and bored, she got to work. She spooned the doll in her sleep. She conducted a seance with the Ouija board every night at 3 a.m. She listened to the spirit box for 8 hours a day. Shockingly, Betty went fucking nuts in a matter of 48 hours.

On the last found tape, Betty is seen having a dance competition with the haunted doll. After doing The Twist for thirty seconds, Betty burst out crying and said to the doll, “You’re wrong, Annabelle! I can shake my little ass!” Then she stormed off to the comfort of the spirit box.

She talked to the ghosts, telling them she’s beefing with her “roommate” Annabelle. Presumably sick of her BS, the ghosts told her to grow up. Who can blame them? Betty then threw the spirit box at the wall, and went to her final confidante: the Ouija board.

“Hey, asshole. I could really use a friend right now. Can you be my friend?” Betty yelled at the ceiling. With her hands on the planchette, her fingers moved over the letters, F U C K U G E T A R E A L J O B L U V G R A M M Y.

Yeah, so Betty didn’t take this message very well. It’s fair to say this was her breaking point because in the next clip we see her eyes roll to the back of her head. She then levitated and started speaking with an uber deep voice. It would have been sexy if her soul and body weren’t possessed. And then… the screen goes black.

Investigators are still looking for Betty Sight. YouTube is now flooded with conspiracy theories about her paranormal disappearance.

If you see Ms. Sight, do not engage, pretend you are Christian, and then make a break for it to call your local pastor. They always know what to do.