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Not What You Expect

Since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones turned them into heroes the Men in Black have been front and center in popular culture. Their origins date back to the mid-1950’s and ufologist Albert K. Bender. They appeared and threatened Bender to stop his “saucer work” several times, usually appearing out of thin air and leaving as suddenly. He claimed they told him the truth about the UFO phenomenon. What Bender learned frightened him so badly that he abandoned his research and never spoke of it again.
Bender suffered from medical conditions that could easily explain what he saw. What it can’t explain is what continues to happen, to this day.

The Typical Experience

A rare Man in Black photographed in the wild.

The Men in Black continue. They appear in small, inconsequential UFO incidents. MIB’s appear out of nowhere and ask to be invited in. They seem to suppress the will of the people they are talking to. Vague threats are made to not discuss what they’ve seen and to stop all research into the subject. These phantoms dress in a fashion that seems out of time. Their vehicles, if any, are classic era cars in brand new condition. After their bizarre visit, they will typically vanish and are gone.
Most stories of the MIB sound ridiculous when you read them. However, consider the nightmare of waking up with a clown at the foot of your bed though. It sounds silly, but it’s far from it when it happens to you.

What Are They

We have a phenomenon involving well dressed people with seemingly supernatural powers. Traditional explanations only cover a part of the incidents reported. Maybe there’s another explanation. Something beyond even the world of UFO’s. What if they’re tulpas? Something created by the mind of humans and given physical form. Perhaps they sustain themselves by feeding on fear and negative emotions? What if the reason they stick to smaller UFO cases is to be the focus of the sighting? What if, in the end, we brought these phantoms on ourselves?

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