Join the Demons as they tackle Candyman (the rental), Encounter with the Unknown (the old), and T+E’s Encounter UFO. Ponder along with none other than the Byte Sized Horror of Mick McGee as he wonders why there wasn’t enough candy in Candyman (hey, he’s like 8 years old!) and where all those bees come from and he ‘hopes Mr Tony Todd is ok!!’. Play the ‘Will Voodoo Priestess pick another movie with wall rape’ game! And enter the Unknown with Jim as he teases a UFO story, but then is too shy to tell it after Voodoo says there’s no such thing as aliens. All this and more on this Streamin’ Demons!

Where to watch Candyman and Encounter with the Unknown (Amazon) and Encounter UFO (T+E)

If you want to watch any of the movies discussed, you can find them on Amazon (we get $ if you buy) or T+E Channel for Encounter UFO

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