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Like being scared? How about real-life hauntings? Maybe some strange happenings and some killer science is your thing? Guess what, T+E’s Creep Week has you covered! With something for everyone we have a full line up of over 160 (that’s right 160!!!) hours of spooky splunks, gunks, and hunks (Ok, I know I can’t be the only one in the Eli Roth Fan club!), the T+E Channel brings home the gold (dripping in ectoplasm, but still gold!) with their Creep Week line up.

The What? Creep Week!! Seriously if you haven’t seen Creep Week yet stop reading this review. Run to your cable provider (or Apple TV) and sign up for T+E channel now! This week is so good, Jim killed off the Walking Dead to add T+E to his package and hasn’t looked back!

You’ve got T+E now? Uh-huh. Great! Let the madness begin (or so the Ozz Man sayeth!).

The When: October 8 to October 16 is your 160 hours of pure adrenaline pre-Halloween primer of twisted fun!


The Breakdown:

T+E’s Creep Week has the best in original entertainment and real horror happenings! The big shows to not miss ever with many WORLD Premieres include…

Haunted Hospitals

(Jim covered this on Streamin’ Demons AND a What’s Kraken!) jumps in line with the October 12 at 10 pm PT/ET premiere! If you thought the Jell-o was scary, you’ve gotta check out what really happens in the hospitals after dark.

Paranormal: Caught on Camera

This one hits it home on October 13, at 9pm ET/PT with expert analysis of the footage that is all too real and all too scary! (Seriously, don’t watch this one with the lights off!)

Strangest Things

Strangest Things beams over on October 16 at 8pm ET/PT. This one has Jim super excited. He’s a geek and the science being used in this show is both cutting edge and will have you on the edge of your seat! All the things you daydreamed about as a kid will come to life in this season including some truly mind-blowing findings (I can’t tell you, but you HAVE to see this season–do not miss this one if you’re a fan of the unknown!)

Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life

Finally, we have the one–the only (I think, unless clones?! OMG! ELI CLONES!!!! That’s my idea! No taking it!) Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life. No! Not your Tinder match that ‘didn’t show up but probably was a catfish who definitely didn’t want to watch Roller Gator with you anyways, so what’s the point? I can’t believe how much…err…sorry…got off track here).


This T+E Original series takes a look at the real-life hauntings that were so shocking to the person, they are still trying to overcome the trauma. I am glad the T+E channel allows these poor souls a place to voice their truths and allow some closure. Sincerely, if T+E is known for anything it is to give a platform to people and treat them as…people. I can’t tell you how many interviews I’ve done with ghost survivors, and they all said the same thing–being able to talk about it with people who don’t judge them helped them more than we’ll ever know.

Introducing T+E’s Creep Week (Oct 8-Oct 16)

T+E's Creep Week oct 8-16
T+E Creep Week comes at you from Oct 8 to Oct 16 – Join the Madness and remember to lock that door n keep that flashlight near!

Don’t take Jim’s word for the scariness of Creep Week? Shame on you! When have I ever steered you wrong? (Nobody say Roller Gator!!). Fair enough. I’ve included a few trailers to get the juices flowing. Check ’em out and then head on over to the T+E Channel to make your own judgements!

T+E’s Creep Week starts October 8!

From October 8 to 16, T+E’s Creep Week will be airing daily paranormal programming marathons, including episodes of Scariest Night of My LifeStrange EvidenceParanormal 911and Help! My House Is Haunted. To find out more about your favourite ghostly series, exclusive videos, trailers, and more, visit T+E’ Join the conversation on social media by following T+E’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages, and by using the hashtags #CreepWeek #ChannelYourFear #AGhostRuinedMyLife(From T+E)

Haunted Hospitals Season 4

We’ve talked about this one on our super special Streamin’ Demons (aka the Brannyk has a birthday edition!). If you want to see the perfect blend of well-done practical effects (the makeup artist is killer!) with sensational acting, and real people telling their truly spooky tales, then look no further. Haunted Hospitals is worth the price of the channel itself. I have a whole season of reviews coming at you soon!

T+E’s Haunted Hospital Season 4 drops Oct 12 at 10PM PT/ET

Haunted Hospitals, Season 4 (10×60’; HD)
October 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT • World Broadcast Premiere
Explore chilling stories of paranormal activity inside medical institutions. In each episode, nurses, aides and support workers give first-hand accounts of ghosts, entities and past occupants coming back from the grave to seek revenge or to warn of impending danger. (From T+E)

Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life

If me saying ‘Hey! It’s Eli Roth hosting this show!’ doesn’t get you to watch this series, then I’m not sure what else I can add in–or do it? Ever have something dark happen to you? Maybe something unexplained? Maybe it’s a specter or a demon or even the elusive Snipe (I’ll get you yet, you murderous fiend!!) whatever it was in your life, wouldn’t you been glad to have shared it with someone and then have Eli Roth go ‘Holy crap that’s scary!’?

Sincerely, if you are into true-life hauntings you need to check this one out. Come for the haunting and stay for the hunking (ok, maybe I’m the president of the Eli Roth Fan Club Sector #12389732.2!)

Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life S2

Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life, Season 2 (8×60’; HD)
October 14at 10 p.m. ET/PT • World Broadcast Premiere
Executive produced by award-winning film director, producer, writer and actorEli Roth, T+E’s original anthology series unveils shocking, modern-day real-life stories of hauntings that have left emotional (and sometimes physical) scars on those unlucky enough to have experienced them. Reminiscent of Roth’s vivid cinematic masterpieces, each episode will play out like mini horror films, immersing audiences in the world of those being haunted and hunted by ghosts.(From T+E)

Paranormal: Caught on Camera

This one could be called ‘Stop messing with spirits!’. These are real people with real footage of some darn right spooky happenings. We’ve all heard the things that go bump in the night (note to self: Never EVER investigate the moaning coming from Mom’s door), but how many of us have evidence of it? This is where the Caught on Camera series shines. Not only do we see evidence, but experts break it down and see just what really did cause that paranormal happening?

A new season of Caught on Camera hits Canada October 13 9pm ET/PT

Paranormal: Caught on Camera, Season 5 (26×60’; HD)
October 13at 9 p.m. ET/PT • Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Watch as eyewitness’ capture amazing, eye-opening and downright scary paranormal videos from around the world while a panel of experts break down the footage and analyze what was captured.(From T+E)

Strangest Things

If you know Jim, you know he’s a major science geek. Can Science and the Paranormal co-exist? In Strangest Things, we find the answer is a Heck Yes! I can’t go into this too much, but let’s just say when I saw the background for this one…I might have accidentally killed most of my party in WoW. Zug-Zug and oopsies! If you like science and using cutting edge tech to review things you’ve thought not possible, then this is the show for you!

T+E Strangest Things hits your senses Oct 16 at 8pm PT/ET

Strangest Things, Season 2 (10×60’; HD)
October 16at 8 p.m. ET/PT • Canadian Broadcast Premiere
Hidden away in museums, laboratories and storage rooms are the most remarkable and mysterious objects on Earth. Using new research and 3D technology we can get under their skin like never before. From the unbelievable, to the ancient and the truly bizarre. Welcome to the world’s strangest things.(From T+E)

We’ve got a lot to cover (over 160 hours worth!), so don’t delay and join HauntedMTL ring in the new (Haunted) month of October with our watch-n-tweet along of T+E’s Creep Week! That’s right Jim is going to stay up all day and all night to put out some great reviews for the awesome content T+E’s Creep Week is feeding directly into our mainlines. Catch us on Twitter and remember to use those hashtags when you tweet during the live showings! #CreepWeek #ChannelYourFear #AGhostRuinedMyLife #EliIsAHorrorHunk (Ok, so that last one might just be Jim’s new hashtag!)

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Breaking News

The Last Drive-In Season 5 Premiering April 21st Exclusively on Shudder!



They say good things come to those who wait, and boy have we been patient. It has been close to a year since our eyes have indulged a full season of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs’, in fact, the season 4 finale premiered on Shudder July 1st, 2022. Since then, we have been able to satisfy our appetites with festive holiday specials sprinkled throughout the past year. Specials such as ‘Joe Bob’s Halloween Hangout’ guest starring horror’s favorite Mistress of the Dark, Elvira (played by the legendary Cassandra Peterson) and ‘Joe Bob’s Ghoultide Get-Together’. Last month was a treat in itself, as we were able to witness Joe Bob Briggs and co-host Darcy the Mail Girl (Diana Prince) marry one lucky couple for the first time on the show with Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine‘ special.

picture of Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl sitting in lawn chairs on the set of The Last Drive-In. Behind them we see a white camping trailer with red string lights along the top and a bright red and blue neon sign that reads "The Last Drive-In' in the background. Joe Bob is seen wearing an orange collard button down long sleeve shirt and black jeans with snake skin cowboy boots. His hands rest on his thighs as he invites you in with a warm smile. Darcy is seen sitting to Joe Bob's left wearing a mail girl costume with fishnet stockings, her legs neatly crossed over one another. Surrounding the two hosts is an ice box with empty beer bottles and cans resting on the top and an old tube screen television in the front of them.
host Joe Bob Briggs and co-host Darcy the Mail Girl on the set of ‘The Last Drive-In‘.

While the current changes in staff at Shudder have left fans questioning whether we will receive a new season of the popular series, I can happily say mutant family, we need not worry. In fact, to our wonderous surprise, Joe Bob Briggs has officially announced via Twitter, season 5 of ‘The Last Drive-In will be premiering April 21st, exclusively on Shudder! One thing that is noteworthy, is unlike previous seasons, it has been reported by 1428Elm that season 5 will be broken up into two parts of five double-feature blood-curdling episodes. Though we have not been provided the official release schedule for the second block of season 5, here is a sneak peek of what we can expect for the first half of the season:

April 21: Season 5 Launch Party!
April 28: Walpurgisnacht Part 2!
May 5: Cinco de Fucking Mayo!
May 12: Mama’s Day!
May 19: Dysfunctional Family Jubilee!

Unfortunately, we do not have an official list of the brand-new double feature films for the first half of season 5 but, with amusing episode titles such as these, one can only imagine what grindhouse-classics will be joining ‘The Last Drive-In’s’ already eclectic list of sloshy goodness. For those impatient mutants eagerly waiting for more hilarious Joe Bob rant-filled commentaries, or those newcomers who’ve yet to experience the magic that is ‘The Last Drive-In‘, all previous four seasons, including past holiday specials are currently available to stream now on Shudder.

If you are just as big of fans of ‘The Last Drive-In‘ as we here at HauntedMTL are, please be sure to follow us on Twitter @HauntedMTL and join us April 21st as we tweet along with Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl for the season premier. As is tradition, we will be hosting live watch parties every Friday with each new episode, including fresh holiday specials. The road to season 5 is upon us…let the countdown begin!


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Breaking News

Shudder March 2023 Release Schedule



Mutant family, please gather ’round as February kicks rocks and we shove our way into March. With the new month comes the shifting from winter to spring as death beautifully resurrects back to life, drunken patrons swarm our local bars like rabid locusts for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and of course new exclusives and returning favorites on Shudder to satisfy the horror fiend in us all. To quote the prestigious Samuel L. Jackson, “hold onto your butts” and let’s dive right into Shudder’s March 2023 release schedule.

Shudder Exclusives

While it is true that the release schedule for the start of 2023 on Shudder has been minor and slightly mixed, with films such as the much talked about experimental low-budget indie ‘Skinamarink‘, the surprisingly entertaining horror comedy ‘Sorry About the Demon‘, and writer/director Neil Marshall’s return to the genre with ‘The Lair‘. We also graciously received the wildly fun ‘The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine” special, with season 5 currently in production and premiering later this year; though it can’t come soon enough. As we like to do here at HauntedMTL, let’s kick off March with Shudder’s newest exclusives currently streaming now and in the coming weeks.

Spoonful of Sugar – Now Streaming

official film poster for Spoonful of Sugar. We see a vial filled with a red liquid, possibly blood being dripped into a young woman's open mouth. Her tongue slightly extended out ready to receive the scarlet drop. We see an individual in a space helmet standing in the background behind her, slightly blurred. The title Spoonful of Sugar reads in red capital letters.
Spoonful of Sugar‘ official poster.

Starting off this list we begin with director Mercedes Bryce Morgan and writer Leah Saint Marie’s latest film Spoonful of Sugar, now currently streaming.

Millicent (Morgan Saylor), a disturbed college student working on her thesis about children with severe allergies, is hired to babysit little Johnny (Danilo Crovetti), a sickly, mute child who suffers from every allergy under the sun. His mother Rebecca (Kate Foster) is an accomplished author currently focused on her newest book release, while his father Jacob (Myko Olivier) spends his days in the backyard working on frivolous carpentry projects. After experiencing a bizarre sexual awakening while using LSD as an alternative treatment for Johnny, she soon uncovers the family’s dark secrets as things begin to become unhinged.

Leave – Premiering Friday 3/17

official film poster for Leave. We see a hooded individual holding a silver inverted cross necklace engulfed in bright orange and yellow flames. The individual holding the flaming cross has yellows hands and long rotted finger nails. one eye peers from thick-long black hair. The title Leave is smeared along the bottom in bright blood.
Leave‘ official poster.

After having been abandoned as an infant at a cemetery wrapped in a cloth with satanic symbols, Hunter White (Alicia von Rittberg) grows obsessed with figuring out who her biological parents are and why they seemingly abandoned her. However, as she gets closer to the answers she so desperately seeks, a malevolent spirit is warning her to leave.

Leave‘ premiers exclusively on Shudder Friday 03/17 and is directed by Alex Herron and written by Thomas Moldestad, starring Alicia von Rittberg, Herman Tømmeraas, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, and Stig R. Amda


The Unheard – Premiering Friday 03/31

Official poster for The Unheard. We see the main Character Chloe staring out of a window, the image has a static blur. as we only see Chloes pale face and bright blue eyes. The title The Unheard is seen below written in White bold font.
The Unheard‘ official poster.

The Unheard‘ follows the story of deaf 20-year-old Chloe Grayden (Lachlan Watson) after she undergoes an experimental treatment to restore her hearing. While recovering at her family’s beach home after the successful procedure, Chloe begins to fear she is not alone as she begins to experience auditory hallucinations related to the mysterious disappearance of her mother.

The Unheard’ is directed by Shudder alumni Jeffrey A. Brown (The Beach House) and written by brothers/screenwriting partners Shawn Rasmussen and Michael Rasmussen (Crawl), co-starring Michele Hicks and Nick Sandow. ‘The Unheard‘ premiers exclusively on Shudder Friday 03/31.

Returning Classic and Fan Favorites

Now that we’ve removed the veil for the new exclusive titles dropping this month, I think it’s time we reveal the returning classics jump starting our transition into spring for 2023. Allow me to highlight some of my favorite films returning to Shudder for March including ‘Gretel and Hansel‘ and ‘The Company of Wolves‘; grim re-telling’s of popular children’s fairy tales. We also cannot forget John Carpenter’s haunted coastal horror ‘The Fog‘; no, not the remake…thankfully.

Gretel and Hansel – Now Streaming

image of Alice Krige as The Witch in Gretel and Hansel. She stares in the camera with a sinister smirk. Her head covered and body drapped in black clothing. Her right eye a dark grey/brown color with her left pale white...blind.
Alice Krige as “The Witch” in ‘Gretel and Hansel’.

Directed by Osgood Perkins, ‘Gretel and Hansel’ is a terrifyingly dark and unique vision to one of history’s most famous childhood fairy tales. After being thrown out of their mother’s home, Gretel (Sophia Lillis) leads her younger brother, Hansel (Samuel Leakey), through the woods in search of food and work. The children soon discover a quaint cottage where a fragile old woman Holda (Alice Krige) offers fresh food and bed. The children accept all Holda has to offer, with little thought as to what may be asked of them in return.

Though it has been met with mixed reviews, ‘Gretel and Hansel‘ offers astounding performances by veteran actress Alice Krige as the films iconic Witch of the woods and Sophia Lillis as lead Gretel. Director Osgood Perkins does well to draw his viewer in with a beautifully haunting score and unnerving cinematography, making this one grim re-telling worth checking out at least once. ‘Gretel and Hansel‘ is available to stream now.

The Company of Wolves – Now Streaming

Image of a werewolf transformation. A mans head is tilted back as the snout of a wolf begins protruding from his mouth. The fur on the snout white as the large fangles gnarl and growl. The mans eyes are a bright yellow and his hair long flowing brown locks. A terrifying image as his mouth extends in an inhumanely manner.
My, what big teeth you have…

Continuing our list of returning classics, we have yet another bold re-telling of a beloved children’s fairy tale, 1984’s ‘The Company of Wolves‘. While the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood‘ has been retold through various forms of media, including numerous films, ‘The Company of Wolves‘ is a beloved horror interpretation with adult themes and memorable practical effects including one of the genres best werewolf transformations.

A wise grandmother (Angela Lansbury) tells her granddaughter Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson) a disturbing tale of innocent maidens falling in love with handsome strangers … and of their sudden mysterious disappearances when the moon is full and accompanied by the strange sound of a beast in the woods.

‘The Company of Wolves’ is co-written and directed by Neil Jordan and stars Sarah Patterson, Angela Lansbury, Micha Bergese, and David Warner, streaming now.


John Carpenter’s The Fog – Streaming 03/31

Haunting ghoslty image of 8 figures standing in a cloud of mist and fog. They are outlined in eeire blue and white lighting. All we see is the outline of these ghostly figures and their glowing red eyes.
When the fog comes, run!

Writer, director, musician, and horror master John Carpenter is a legend in the genre having provided countless classics such as ‘The Thing‘, a terrifyingly gruesome remake of ‘The Thing from Another World‘. Or his sci-fi action/horror ‘They Live’ where he deals with societal control through corporations and government. And of course, my personal favorite, the film that jumpstarted his career and created one of horror’s most iconic slashers…’Halloween‘.

1980’s ‘The Fog‘ is a terrifying shoreside tale of vengeful spirits haunting the fictional coastal town of Antonio Bay, OR. as they begin preparations to celebrate its centenary. Following exactly 100 years after a ship mysteriously sank in the town’s waters, a thick unearthly fog harboring the souls of those who perished rolls in and with them, the dark secrets of Antonio Bay’s past.

John Carpenter’s ‘The Fog’ stars scream queen and recent Academy Award winner Jamie Lee Curtis, genre alums Adrienne Barbeau, Janet Leigh, Tom Atkins, Charles Cyphers, and Nancy Kyes, and was co-written by the late Debra Hill. ‘The Fog‘ will be available to stream on Shudder 03/31.

Full Shudder March 2023 Film Releases

For a full comprehensive list of all the titles being added to Shudder for the month of January, please refer to the graphic below. Please be on the lookout for our review of ‘The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine’ to drop later this week here on HauntedMTL and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more Shudder news and spooky reviews!

Image list of the films releasing on Shudder for the month of March.
Shudder March 2023 film release schedule.


Gretel and Hansel


Spoonful of Sugar


The Company of Wolves







Jack be Nimble


Ultra Pulpe

After Blue



The Unheard

The Fog

The Blair Witch Project & Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

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Breaking News

The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine Special Live Watch Party February 10th!



The sweet putrid stench of love lingers through the air which can only mean one thing…Valentine’s Day and its annoying little winged cherub mascot, Cupid, is fast approaching. Soon, partners will be spoiling one another with extravagant bouquets of roses, heartfelt Hallmark cards, obnoxiously large teddy bears, glistening diamond jewelry, and heart-shaped candies or boxes filled with assorted mediocre chocolates. You know? Normal things couples do. I tend to prefer my chocolate boxes filled with bleeding hearts, à la ‘My Bloody Valentine’ but, beggars can’t be choosers, right? All jokes aside, Valentine’s Day is special for many couples, however, there are also many others who find themselves celebrating this day without a significant other. Luckily, Shudder, along with drive-in king Joe Bob Briggs and co-host Darcy the Mail Girl (Diana Prince) will graciously be keeping us lonely mutants’, and yes, all you horror fanatic couples’ company on Friday, February 10th as they return with The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine, premiering live at 9pm EST.

Love Spells Abound…

Back in 2021, Joe Bob and Darcy invited us to a gruesomely passionate night of spell-binding love witches and animatronic dinosaurs infused with teenage human brains during The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put a Spell on You. Many, including myself, were introduced to the tantalizing 70’s inspired retro throwback ‘The Love Witch’ and the graphically goofy cult classic ‘Tammy and the T-Rex’, providing the perfect viewing pleasure to mend any broken heart. While the two films for this year’s morbid love-induced special have yet to be announced, as a special treat, Briggs has announced for the first time on The Last Drive-In, he will be marrying one lucky couple during the live showing. We here at HauntedMTL are eagerly awaiting the return of the ghoulish duo so, as is tradition, we will be proudly hosting a watch party on Twitter during the broadcasting of The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob’s Vicious Vegas Valentine. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and tag us  @hauntedMTL as well as @shudder@therealjoebob, and @kinky_horror to partake in this night of unholy love.

Drawn image of Joe Bob Briggs pouring  a drop of pink liquid into a clear glass potion bottled filled with a glowing red substance. To his left lies a book a magic spells with a golden pentagram necklace resting on top. Also on the books rests a human skull with heart shaped pupils for eyes hiding behind a pair of clear glasses. In bold white letters a text reads "Join us on February 10th as we live tweet The Last Drive-In Valentine's Day Special".
Follow @hauntedMTL for live tweets and replies!

What started off as a one-time special premiering on Shudder July 13, 2018, ‘The Last Drive- In’ was originally meant to be Brigg’s swan song; one last special before hanging up the bolo tie in retirement. However, due to so many mutants, excuse me…viewers tuning in and breaking the Shudder servers, it was only natural to announce an official full season of ‘The Last Drive-In‘, which would make its explosive debut March 19, 2019. Since then, Darcy and Briggs have spawned many exclusive holiday specials, have graciously donated to many charities within the community, and have accumulated 4 seasons of ‘The Last Drive-In’, with a fifth currently in production premiering on Shudder’s 2023 schedule sometime this year, let’s hope sooner rather than later.

Picture of Joe Bob Briggs, Darcy the Mail Girl, John Patrick Brennan and Yuki Nakamura standing together dressed in medieval costumes. A cardboard cutout of Tom Atkins stands between Darcy and Yuki. Darcy is seen drapped in a beautfiul elegant princess dress, satin white with gold trim. Yuki is seen holding a small wreath of purple, white, and yellow flowers that match his loud medieval king costume. Resting atop both their heads are golden crowns. Joe Bob Briggs is seen standing to the left of Darcy, as he smiles whilst wearing a half-put together jester costumer. Lastly, we see Brennan with two wooden recorders in his hand as he mimics playing them both dress clad in a bright yellow dress.
An unexpected ceremony during The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put a Spell on You (2021) special.

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