If you’re looking for a podcast to binge listen to and then be angry that season three isn’t out, this is the one.

Limetown is a fictional docudrama about a town full of people that vanished. The last thing anyone heard from the town was a frantic 911 call. Then, nothing. Only one body was ever found. 

Lia Haddock, a journalist with APR, is researching the disappearance of the people in Limetown. She states in the first episode that her uncle, Emile, was one of the people who vanished. But that seems very much to be an afterthought for her. It becomes an afterthought for most of the first season.

Until it very suddenly isn’t. 

The podcast starts with Lia being approached by a survivor of Limetown, the first one to speak publically in ten years. 

Limetown is filled with question after question. What happened to the people of Limetown? Who was the man they were all there for? Why was the town built to start with? And why have survivors started coming forward now?

There was a three-year wait between season one and season two, with the most recent episode airing on December 7th, 2018. There is no word yet on a season three, but I have hope. At least, they’d better have a third one. Because the last episode did not answer all the questions. It raised further questions.

Season two is about what happened to the people and the tech of Limetown after it vanished. Because something like that was too big to just go away. Framed in a sort of found footage setting, we learn about what happened to Emile, the survivors of Limetown, and the mysterious Bridge. 

The acting on this podcast was just superb. The characters felt real, the story felt like it could be real. The episode Napolitan made me sob in public. 

My only fault with the podcast is that it takes so long to come out. I’m willing to wait three years for season three. I just wish I didn’t have to.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)