Halloween never ends as far as I’m concerned. My love of the dark and eerie tale doesn’t vanish eleven months out of the year. If you’re here at Haunted MTL, I imagine you feel the same way.

So when I heard that Aaron Manke and Keenan-Michael Key got together to make a Halloween podcast, I was stoked. It didn’t matter at all that I heard about it on November second. So long as I’m above ground I still have time to listen to a creepy podcast. 

If you’re looking for some new creepy stories, Aaron Manke’s 13 Days of Halloween should be on your list. 

The story begins with a visit to Hawthorn Manor. You’re led through the house by The Caretaker (Michael-Key) and introduced to other guests. Each has a tale to tell. None of them are pleasant. All are chillingly clever and unique. 

As you go through the stories, you learn about The Caretaker and his search for a door in the manor. Many questions come to mind. What is behind this door? What’s drawn all of these sad, broken people to Hawthorn Manor? And what happened to the main character, that she’s found herself there?

The production value is great through the podcast. Headphones are recommended and for good reasons. There are all sorts of delightful little squeaks and screams that you only get the full effect of with a surround sound experience.

The voice acting is great. Every voice actor does a great job. You can feel that these people experienced these horrible stories. And the Caretaker is a cheerfully creepy character. One who leaves you guessing as to his intentions.

My favorite story was The Garden. Which has little to do with a garden. It’s actually about cupcakes. It’s also about a young woman with anxiety, who can’t think of one fun fact about herself. This one had a twist that put me off cupcakes for awhile. At least a day or two. 

Another great story was The Cauldron. It’s about a woman who’s afraid of the dark. It leaves you being pretty afraid of the dark as well.

This podcast had all the eerie, creepy gothic vibes I love. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it’s only 13 episodes long.