Tapes From Beyond is a radio drama podcast, released in 2021. I discovered it a few months ago and listened to the entire thing in 24 hours.

Now, we all know I’m a sucker for a good radio drama podcast. We also know I love a found-footage horror story. So Tapes from Beyond? Taylor made for me, man.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to Lena and Jac. Jac’s been getting cassette tapes sent to her since she was a kid. The tapes contain the tale of a man trapped in a town that doesn’t want to let him leave. Jac cleverly calls him the Trapped Man. 

At first, we’re not sure what brought the Trapped Man to this town. We’re a little unsure what the hell is happening. As Jac and Lena play the tapes, they’re not in chronological order. So we’re getting the sad story of the Trapped Man and his attempts to escape in puzzle pieces. Which is, of course, part of the fun. You get to put the pieces together as we go along.

Tapes From Beyond

Everyone’s motivations are suspicious right from the start. Jac is, for sure, traumatized by these tapes. And not just by the content, which is creepy enough. But the way her family responded to these tapes was, for lack of a better word, unhealthy. Her mom thinks they’re a treat, and can’t wait to listen to each one. Her dad is, rightfully, freaked out that some dude is sending his teenage daughter tapes of what sounds like his journal entries. Her siblings, an older sister and younger brother, are just convinced the tapes are bullshit. They’re also not thrilled that it’s one more thing for their folks to fight over. Eventually, their mom just walks away.

So, why the hell does Jac want to talk about this? Honestly, it doesn’t seem like she does. She certainly isn’t interested in answering any of Lena’s questions. What she want’s, as it turns out, is to find out who the Trapped Man is. And if he ever escaped. 

This podcast was awesome. I cared about Lena and The Trapped Man right away. I cared about what was happening to Jac’s family, but I wanted most of all I wanted to know about the monster who was stalking the trapped man through the town. And when Jac eventually, obviously, finds her way to the town, I was desperate to know why. Why were they both drawn to this place? Why did the town want her there so badly?

If you’re looking for a new radio drama podcast, check out Tapes from Beyond. You won’t be disappointed. 

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)