This isn’t the ending. But it is an ending. 

And it was a satisfying one at that. Alice Isn’t Dead was a great story, from start to finish. Let’s just make that clear first.

The last season revolves around one large question. What is Praxis? Kesha is still traveling around America, and she’s still trying to find answers. Along the way, she finds horrors and marvelous wonders. She finds old fast food speakers that are whispering. She stays at an abandoned hotel with some out of place fellow tenants.

Most of all, she starts a movement. A revolution. 

An army. 

There are a lot of stories that we touch on in this season that we don’t get answers to. Even now that I’ve finished the series, I have questions. 

What happened to the old ghost who missed his kids?

Why was the ghost in the pool screaming? 

Why did Bay and Creek never come after Kesha for basically stealing one of their trucks?

But it’s okay that we don’t have answers for everything. This isn’t a story, it’s a road trip. And when you’re on a road trip, you meet people sometimes. People who’re stories you get a glimpse of, but will never know the ending.

There’s a lesson in this season that is relevant to what we’re experiencing now. One that I’ll try to convey without spoiling too much. 

You remember the speakers I was talking about? They weren’t just whispering random things. Kesha was hearing herself and Alice, in a world where Alice never left. Where they went about their lives, happy. Baking pizza, going on dates. They’re living the life they deserve. 

Eventually, she learns, though, that just because her life is great in this alternate world, this dream world, doesn’t mean it’s safe. The monsters are still there. She’s just not there to fight them.

A lot of us wish we weren’t living this year. But if we weren’t someone else would. We just wouldn’t be here to fight. 

Okay, getting off my soapbox now. I’m just constantly amazed at how relevant and impactful horror can be. How we talk about monsters and boogymen and end up talking about ourselves.

The series ends with a battle between the Thistle men and those who oppose them. It’s a massive battle and a satisfying one. I dare not say more for fear of ruining it for you.

The ending, without giving too much away, is sweet. It ends just as you’d want it to end. How we all wish our stories would end, I think. 

Until the very last bit of the last episode. When something happens that is predictable. But it’s still horribly, deliciously wonderful. 

That’s it for Alice Isn’t Dead. It was a hell of a story. I’ll probably end up listening to it again. And I will for sure be reading the novelization as well. For now, though, we need a new podcast to listen to. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. 

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)