Do you smell it in the air? The last of the summer nights? The pumpkin spice in the air? The most wonderful time of the year… Halloween time… is fast approaching. Shudder had decided to help out in that regard, at least here in the U.S. with the 61 Days of Halloween celebration.

So, what does Shudder have in store for the month of September in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia and New Zealand, and what are our picks? Let’s see, why don’t we?

Also, starting from here on out I will be doing one pick for each region, with the exception of the US which gets two because of American Exceptionalism.

Colour Out of Space (2019) – Sept. 1

Our first pick for the US is Colour Out of Space. This adaptation of the H. P. Lovecraft story of the same name comes from the mind of director and co-writer Richard Stanley. The film depicts a family under the influence of an alien presence and things get weird. It stars Nicolas Cage, Joel Richardson, Madeleine Arthur, Q’orianka Kilcher, and Tommy Chong. A Shudder Exclusive.

Spiral (2019) – Sept. 17

Our second US pick is Spiral, one of Shudder’s LGBTQ+ additions to their streaming catalog. Directed by Kurtis David Harder, Spiral follows a same-sex couple who move to a small town with their daughter, only to learn about some strange things going on in their neighborhood. The film stars Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Ari Cohen, and Jennifer Laporte. A Shudder Original. Also available on Shudder UK and Shudder ANZ.

The Dead Lands (2020) – Sept. 1

This TV series makes its UK debut. Created by Glenn Standring, and adapted from his 2014 movie The Dead Lands follows and undead Maori warrior and a young tribeswoman as they uncover the origins of an undead scourge across the land. Starring Te Kohe Tohaka, Darneen Christian, and Vicky Haughton. A Shudder Original. Also available on Shudder US, Shudder CA, and Shudder ANZ.

Jodorowsky’s Dune (2013) – Sept. 14

For Canada and not entirely horror related, but still very much an interesting way to spend some time this month is the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, released in 2013. This documentary discusses one of the most insane films never made from the mind of Alejandro Jodorowsky: his unique vision for an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel Dune. Directed by Frank Pavish, the film combines interviews, conceptual works, and archival footage to discuss the history of the project and what might have been.

Antichrist (2009) – Sept. 28

Lars von Trier’s shocking and controversial film, Antichrist, has landed on Shudder in the Australia/New Zealand region. This film follows a grieving couple who retreat to a cabin in the woods to work on their marriage where they undergo dramatic changes in character. The film stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

What else is in store for September?

As always, Shudder provides a guide to the releases for each reason. Take a look at them and see what you may want to watch.

Have a favorite film in your region? Please share it with us in the comments.

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