Trust was a big topic in this episode of Dexter. And it makes sense. As adults, we know that earning the trust of new people can be incredibly difficult.

Especially if you do something to wrong them.

Especially if you capture them from a torture situation and lock them up in a kill room.

Dexter has inadvertently rescued a woman from Boyd’s house. This is some delightful karma. Boyd was his most recent victim, and this terrified woman was going to be Boyd’s most recent victim. 

Terrified woman, by the way, is named Lumen. Which is not a name I have ever heard before. I approve.

Lumen doesn’t seem to get that Dexter is trying to save her. So she responds kind of like a feral cat. Dexter does lose some blood to her.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s also managed to lose the trust of Sonya, his nanny. He does this by vanishing all night, leaving her alone with Harrison. And Sonya doesn’t approve of this. So she quits. And I get this. You’ve got to set boundaries with your boss. Unexpectedly being stuck at your boss’s house for a whole night would have been a deal-breaker for me, too.

This does leave Dexter in a bad position, though. It means he and Deb are trying to juggle Harrison. And they are busy people. 

Deb’s still hunting the person who killed three people, leaving two of them behind in a ritual fashion. She’s not sleeping, she’s not taking care of herself. But then, what’s new. 

Dex on the other hand is trying to figure out who Lumen is. He seems to have adopted her. Despite his dark passenger telling her he should kill her. 

This is not the time for Dexter to be messing around though. Quinn is on his trail. He thinks Dexter might have killed Rita. He’s wrong, but he’s not wrong about Dexter being tied to the Trinity Killer. He’s sneaking around, trying to verify his hunch.

Here’s something that didn’t come up in this episode. Quinn has been very clear with his boss, Maria, that he suspects Dexter. Who else did that? Sargent Doakes, who Maria was very close with. When he died, Maria seems to have forgotten that he was suspicious about Dexter. I wonder how long it will take her to realize that there’s a second detective now who has dark concerns about her pet lab tech. 

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