This episode of Dexter started in the most cringe, gross way possible. With a clip from an Alpha Bro motivational seminar. 

Dexter and Lumen are hunting Cole, which means they’re at a Jason Chase seminar for the weekend. And I do mean that Dexter and Lumen are hunting him. He seems determined to include her in every part of the process. She goes shopping for the supplies they need. She helps him set up the kill room. He walks her through every part of the process, a patent mentor leading a trusting protegee.

It’s heartwarming. I mean, unless you’re the one heading for their table. 

While Dexter is making a new friend, Deb’s realizing that she doesn’t have as many as she thought. Maria is back to her old bad habits. She’s not prepared to take the blame for the deaths at the nightclub, even though they were her fault. She first talks to Deb, hoping that they can work together to pin this whole thing on Officer Cira.

Deb is an awkward, pissy, easily offended idiot who doesn’t understand human emotions any more than her brother. But she’s also a damned good detective and a good person. She’s not willing to blame anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

So, Maria decides to pin it on her instead. Too bad, I thought she was getting better.

Lumen is, I’m sure, glad she got to help with the kill. Because she was having a very bad day. It started with lunch with her ex, Owen. He’s a nice guy. He traveled to Miami to see her. Thinking that she didn’t want to be tied down, he got two plane tickets to anywhere they want to go. This poor guy, he’s willing to go literally anywhere just to make Lumen happy.

After an emotionally confusing lunch, Lumen’s in a car accident. Well, it’s not an accident, since Quinn’s PI friend backed into her on purpose. He manages to get her name, and from there all her information.

At this point, he’s more interested in tracking Lumen than Quinn. Quinn tries to back out of the deal. Whether it’s because he’s getting cold feet, or because this guy’s extorting him is unclear. But either way, he’s trapped. Unless he wants Deb to know that he’s been investigating her brother. 

So we now have two killers, being hunted by a dirty narcotics cop. Unfortunately, he’s a dirty cop who’s very good at what he does.

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