Alter is our go-to spot for exciting and horrifying short stories about the human psyche. With talented directors, such as Marc Roussel and Carlen May-Mann, they draw inspiration from beloved classics like The Shining and Evil Dead to create a truly engaging experience for a modern audience.

About Alter:

ALTER produces and releases feature movies, series and short-form stories from the most provocative and innovative minds in horror reaching fans across all platforms.

The Last Halloween 

Halloween might have passed but there’s still plenty of Halloween horror to go around. In “The Last Halloween”, we follow the night of a couple of strange trick-or-treaters as they collect odd gifts and torment those who don’t open up. There’s definitely something eerie about these kids but it makes you think twice before choosing to not stock up on Halloween.

The Rat

Here we have a story that draws inspiration from the mainstream horror films of the 1960s and 1970s. This short film tells the story of Renee and Jim’s Halloween night on their way to a party. On their way, Jim detours to a haunted house and puts Renee in a frightening situation, which ultimately messes with her head.

Here is the director’s statement on “The Rat”: 

“With The Rat, I call into question what is really scary, both in film and in real life. I find that there’s a great deal of crossover. Fear requires a violation of trust — trust that we can believe our eyes, our ears, our own thoughts, trust that what we see on a screen can’t hurt us, that the people we love have our best interests at heart.”

Good Samaritan

Jeffrey Reddick shows us the chilling aftermath of a bystander to a murder who’s haunted by more than just his conscious for not intervening. While the young man’s guilt for his cowardice consumes him so does a restless ghoul as a result of his actions.

Where to Watch Alter Horror Stories?

You can keep up with Alter’s horror catalog over at WatchAlter and find out about any upcoming theater releases near you. You can also find their works on their YouTube channel Alter along with many other trailers and short horror films.

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