Bill has been kidnapped, and Sookie enlists the top players in the town to find him.

The Police

Sookie has the restaurant owner – who is super rude – call the police. Kenya shows up, but doesn’t take Sookie very seriously. Everyone Sookie tells the story to reacts rudely to her needing a moment in the bathroom to decide her answer. That isn’t the point here, Kenya. Kenya tells Sookie she has to wait 48 hours to file a missing persons report. When Sookie later goes to the sheriff, he says that Bill isn’t even a person so he can’t be missing. They are absolutely no help.

Meanwhile, Andy is having to recount his shooting of Eggs while Jason freaks out, wanting to confess. Andy and Jason talk, decide to keep the story under wraps, and move on. There are holes in the story, as Andy points out, but he believes the sheriff will not notice them and they will get off free.

Jason has to deal with the repercussions of killing a man when he picks up two women at Merlotte’s that are willing to have a threesome. He cannot stop seeing bullet holes in their heads and this scares them away.

Sam’s Family

Sam heads to Arkansas to find his family. He has a very saucy dream about Bill — from drinking a whole lot of his blood, and eventually finds his brother and in turn his parents’ home.

The Abduction

Bill finds himself in a car with some rough men who call themselves the “Fuck You Crew.” The men slice Bill open and feed on him in the car. Bill escapes, finds a house with an old woman in it, feeds on her to heal his wounds, and glamours her. He also leaves her a wad of cash, which was nice of him.

Meanwhile, Sookie goes to Fangtasia and tells Eric about the abduction. Eric assures her that it is his responsibility as sheriff to find Bill, and he will. After Sookie leaves, Bill gets on the phone with a voice that was apparently supposed to take Bill from the restaurant as well. The voice explains that when he got there, Bill was already abducted. This answers our suspicions about Eric. Yeah, he was going to abduct Bill but he is not behind the “Fuck You Crew.”

Jessica’s Dilemma

Last episode, we saw Jessica attack a truck driver who attempted to have sex with her in the cab of his truck. She brings this man home and he dies. She’s keeping him in her sleeping crawl space but doesn’t know what to do with the dead body without Bill around. She and Hoyt seem to be making up, but the dead body is a real issue she needs to solve before going on anymore dates.

Tara’s State of Mind

Tara is having a hard time dealing with the death of Eggs. Lafayette leaves Tara with her mother, but cautions her mother to never let her out of her sight. When Lafayette returns from work, Tara’s mother says that Tara is in the shower. Lafayette tries to bust down the bathroom door as Tara is behind it downing a massive amount of pills.

The V Distribution

The magister and Sophie Anne show up to Fangtasia. The magister questions Eric about the increase of V using in his district. Eric says that there hasn’t been an increase, which makes the magister suspicious. The magister knows that a vampire has been distributing the V and wants them found and punished.

After the magister leaves, Sophie Anne tells Eric to sell all of the remaining V before they are found out. We learn that Sophie Anne is doing this because she is broke and needs the cash from the sales. She’s just as human as us — she’s got IRS debt.

The Calling

Jessica and Sookie seek out Bill based on the “call” Bill placed to Jessica the night before. Jessica and Sookie come upon the wreckage of the car accident. There is a body inside, with a marking on his neck that denotes “operation werwolf.”

The episode ends with wolves surrounding Bill in the forest, with Bill warning them that he has fed.

This episode had so much happening. It accelerated all of the storylines and gave us some of the answer we had been waiting on. Eric didn’t kidnap Bill (but wanted to). Sophie Anne is peddling the V because she’s broke. Sam is about to discover his true family and why he was abandoned. We now have werewolves. Vampires, telepaths, shapeshifters, maenads, werewolves. The story goes on…

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