This episode of American Horror Story has everyone going a bit mad. We see who someone is when their back is against the wall. And it just so happens that the people in Outpost 3 aren’t very good.

We start with Emily in her room, getting dressed. But her closet has been invaded by snakes. She’s rescued by Timothy and Ms. Meade, who is just thrilled by the situation. Snakes, after all, are good eating. And they are starving.

Despite the fresh food, everyone’s on edge. Langdon has made it clear that he will be judging whether any of them are worthy to go to the final sanctuary. 

Some, like Mr. Gallant, are doing their best to prove that they’re useful. He makes it clear that, though he’s gay, he is capable of impregnating women. 

Others don’t care so much to make themselves look valuable. They’re focusing on making the others look less worthy, thereby eliminating the competition. Even though Langdon made it clear that he could easily take everyone.

If we’re at the end of the world, and there’s only a handful of not infected humans left alive, wouldn’t everyone be precious? Why would he be putting everyone through these interviews, hanging the sword of Damocles over each of their heads? 

It’s almost like he’s just torturing them for his enjoyment.

The Rubber Man, American Horror Story Apocalypse

One Outpost 3 resident who’s focusing on thinning the herd is Evie Gallant. And lucky for her, she walks in on her grandson having, um, relations with someone. 

That someone is a familiar face. Or, lack of face. It’s the Rubber Man. 

While everyone else is focusing on their survival, Emily and Tim are more interested in getting answers to some questions. And boy howdy do they get them. They sneak into Langdon’s room and find a working Macbook. (I’d complain about the shameless product placement, but I think it paid for some of the spectacular effects in this season.)

What they find shouldn’t be that shocking. But they’re not thrilled about it. Ms. Venable has been making up her own rules, including the one about copulation being punishable by death.

Kyle Allen and Ash Santos in American Horror Story Apocalypse

Armed with this knowledge, they get busy. Then, they get caught. 

But Tim, bless him, is done playing by these made-up rules. He battles with the guards and gets one of their guns. He tries to take out Ms. Meade, but unfortunately, that can’t happen. 

Because it appears that whatever Ms. Meade is, she isn’t human.

This episode was dark, exciting, and fast. It feels like they’re trying to shove a lot into a little bit of space. Which makes me wonder what they’re making room for.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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