On the eighth day of murder house, we’ll be slaughtered by…

Two broken babies

A damaged teen school shooter

An emotionally broken girlfriend

Two fighting boyfriends

One crying socialite 

One maid of fury

Two nursing students

A pair of tragic blond twins

And a freak in a leather mask

No new ghosts to add to our tune this week, Killer Queens. Just lots and lots of rage.

This episode makes me furious. It makes me want to scream. It makes me want to throw up while violently stabbing the next man who calls me sweetheart

We start this week with a conversation between Hayden and Nora. Hayden’s clever. She’s figured out how the house works. At least for the most part. Some people remember that they’re dead. Some are living in confused, if blissful ignorance. It’s as though the pain of their existence is too much for some of them to bear, so they block out the pain.

Hayden’s got all that. She’s mastered the art of being seen and unseen, depending on her moods. She’s also got behaving like a cat down, wandering around knocking cups and books off counters just to irritate people. 

But the part of the house she doesn’t seem to get is the spell that’s only becoming apparent during this episode. 

Whatever possesses this house, whatever causes the dead to remain trapped there, has some sort of control over people. No matter how good a man or woman is before they live there, the house will twist them. Chad and Patrick had a good relationship before they moved in. Vivian and Ben were both trying to make their marriage work. Even Hayden was not a crazy bitch before dying there. 

Hayden doesn’t think she’s crazy, though. But she’d like to make Vivian go crazy. 

This is the part of the episode that gets insidious. Hayden’s using the other ghosts to drive Vivian over the edge. And she’s doing a damned good job. 

But she wouldn’t have had as easy of a time of that if it weren’t for Ben.

I want so many bad things to happen to Ben right now.

Vivian wants to leave the state and go stay with her sister. Ben yells at her, and tells her he’ll go to court to keep her there if he has to. 

For those of you not keeping score, let’s review. Ben cheated on Vivian, then went across the country to visit his mistress. Then he lied to her about it. Then, Vivian and Violet were attacked by would-be serial killers. But no, Ben doesn’t think he should let his wife and daughter go somewhere safe where Vivian will have an actual, not paranormal support system. He big strong man (who doesn’t live there anymore). He gets to make rules.

Then, when Vivian starts telling Ben about all the weird shit that’s been going on in the house, he doesn’t believe her. Which would make a little sense, if he hadn’t seen horrible things in this house too! 

Of course, Hayden and Ben get exactly what they want. Vivian’s taken away by the cops to a mental ward. Now that she’s not there to take the brunt of the ghost’s torment, I wonder what will happen to Ben and Violet. I wonder how long it will take them to realize she’s not as crazy as they wanted her to be. 

We’re quickly getting to the end of this story, Killer Queens. I imagine the blood’s going to start flowing soon. See you again on Tuesday.

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