What to say about the Double Feature finale, The Future Perfect? There’s a lot that can be said, Killer Queens. 

Most of it’s not good.

Let me see if I can summarize this mess.

We start with Nixon’s impeachment, which is always pleasant. And we learn that the aliens are behind almost every conspiracy in American History. They made Nixon resign. They caused the Vietnam war. They even have ties to the lizard people conspiracy. 

Oh yeah, there’s another race of aliens in America that has nothing to do with the ones impregnating people. Let’s just throw that in there.

Mamie makes a deal for herself to live forever. And in doing so traps herself in her own purgatory. I don’t know that she sees it that way, but what else would you call living the same life with no discernable difference from one day to another. Especially when the only true accomplishments one has to speak of in their lives consist of making it okay for grownups to celebrate their birthdays.

Even so, she appears content, until the first perfect alien hybrid is born. The child grants her a brain, because only now does she realize that the aliens are going to kill all of mankind to make room for themselves. They’re fine sharing the world with the lizard people, just not us.

Because we use too much technology.

I guess there was supposed to be some moral about how we sold out America for tech so we deserve to all die. 

This whole part two was all over the place. It was hard to follow what was going on, and even harder to give a damn. And the ending wasn’t exactly what I’d call satisfying. 

I know a lot of us were hoping we’d finally get some answers about the ending of Asylum. We’d hoped that at least some of the questions from Double Feature, Red Tide might be answered. In both cases, we were disappointed. This season couldn’t answer its questions, let alone anyone else’s.

Why did the aliens have to come here in the first place? Why did they need hybrids if they were just going to kill us all anyway? What was the point of getting us to agree to abductions when they could just take people whenever they wanted? What was the point of literally any of this?

The Double Feature Finale lacked all the darkness, wit, twists, and surprises that American Horror Story usually provides. I didn’t care if anyone lived or died. I didn’t like anyone, nor did I hate anyone enough to wish vengeance. I just did not care.

It feels like in trying to be everything, the story succeeded in being nothing at all. Let’s all seriously hope that next season sees the show reaching for its former high standards.

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